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/sci/ BTFO

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Then just call people by their sex. Females. Males. Easy.

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What does "conceptual" approach mean? The "idea" of Genetics? Genetics almost entirely falls under the Chemistry brach in my mind-catagory. Biology Genetics is essentially Meta-Genetics, and that could be considered "conceptual", but that is MY field, not human's.

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>OP the worthless tranny has finally picked up a book

For this board even reading one paragraph is an achievement

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political activists spam this crap on this board because they're trying to lobby via the atheist/scientism religion, just goes to show how poisonous atheism is to science. once traditional religion goes away then science becomes a political belief system and science is stripped of it's rationality in favor of political twisted tortured logic arguments. now we've got political propaganda in the biology textbooks instead of science content.

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Are you old enough to understand what satire is?

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>Assigned by individuals or others
>Assigned by others
You will never be a woman. If more than one person agrees with me, we trump your individual gender assignment. Kys troon

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Then gender is an absolutely useless concept and should not form the basis of any laws or customs in society. Everything should be decided by physiological characteristics, meaning sex.

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>"mommy, mommy! There's a man in the woman's bathroom"
>"No, I'm trans so I have a vagina and belong here. Wait, why are you calling the police?"
>"Sir, we're going to have to see your vagina..."
I love this dystopia you're advocating.

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>"mommy, mommy! There's a man in a dress in the woman's bathroom"
>"No, I'm trans so I belong here. Wait, why are you calling the police?"
>"I'm sorry ma'am, we can't violate the rights of this registered sex offender. You'll have to pee in front him. Please try to ignore him."
I love this dystopia you're advocating.

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They never pass, they are always weird, it's just a fact. Even the kid would say "haha mom that woman is weird! She has a beard lol" or something
Kids are smart

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Confirmed gender isn't real. Male behavior may sometimes differ from female behavior biologically but if you're a guy that is "behaviorally and culturally female" you're still a guy. There are outliers we don't need to come up with a whole new concept

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That book is correct.

Sex is biological and gender is not. Sex is binary and gender is a spectrum. Gender simply refers to how masculine or feminine a person is. It's an extremely basic concept that shouldn't be at all contentious seeing as it's had the same meaning for hundreds of years
Because Tim pool or Matt Walsh or whoever can't understand it doesn't mean you shouldn't understand it either. It's a concept that really can't be made any more basic than it already is

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Wrong. It's just science decaying into religon again, just like the Roman one decayed into Christianity, Ancient indian into hinduism and so on.

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So gender is made up and unscientific, while sex is an actual thing.
Thanks for clarifying OP.

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masculine or feminine are social constructs just like gender. A guy can be as "feminine" as he wants, he's still a male(xy)

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If gender is completely separate from biological sex and only socially constructed then trannies don't need to cut off their dick or take hormones. Because that would mean changing their biological sex and not their gender. They should be fine with socially being women while biologically having a penis and a beard.

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right, the police shouldn’t have to jump through any bureaucratic hoops at this point. just skip straight to Rodney King style beatdown

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If there are infinitely many genders then why do transGENDER people always take hormones or mutilate their body to conform to the opposite SEX?

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Gender is not a valid biological concept, there is only primary and secondary sexual characteristics

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Mental illness

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The concept of gender exist because of sex, it is bounded to it, it defines the role of said sex in our social system.
Otherwise its existence is completely useless, and the role of a social individual is just that, a social role.

In other words, you will never, ever be a woman. You will always be a fetish at best, and your role is to make mentally ill people fucking your ass happy so they can cope with their stressful life.

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All culture is downstream from genetics.
Gender is downstream from Sex.
Anyone who is sexually a male but "thinks" he is a female because he can wear a dress and mutilate his penis is clearly mentally ill.
The whole gender is different from sex meme was started by feminists, to criticise gender roles, male trannies BTFOing them is just the boomerang coming back to hit them.

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>letting your child go into a public restroom unacompanied in the age of the tranny

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Trannies are more sexist than the average misogynist. Their entire identity is based off female stereotypes.