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Where are all the Aliens !?

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They've been banned from coming here by the Galactic Federation. Also not enough people believe in them yet, humanity needs a few more decades of space propaganda before they can be introduced.

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Interstellar travel is impossible. Stop watching onions wars capeshit.

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In congress

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Humans are the first intelligent life form in the history of the universe

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Probing your mother.

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no aliens, only demons
>humanity needs a few more decades of space propaganda before they can be introduced
Basically correct, more humans need to be made to believe in order for Them to return to this world. They've been weakened since the late 1800s because of scientific realism and the purpose of space propaganda is to give the now largely atheistic population a way to believe in Them again.
The more you think about Them, the closer They get.

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the military has decided that you do not have a need to know

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How long have you been making this thread now? Its seems like 2-4 months.

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Blue Eisenhower November prevents their interaction with this planet.

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its automated, recurring whenever the previous one 404s