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>I am too low IQ to understand the math he used therefore he is a fraud
What's with this phenomenon and why is it especially prevalent amongst right-wingers?

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I've never seen anyone say that. Stop pushing your faggot narrative.

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>especially prevalent amongst right-wingers
Do you fucking love science?
Is this the power of math?
Do you...believe?

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>why is it especially prevalent amongst right-wingers?
I think you meant to say "left-wingers".

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Imagine being so bad and talentless you have to resort to politics and social conformity so that someone can finally call you a "scientist" or whatever goes on in the mind of people like you

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Poincare > Einstein

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Well? What are you waiting for?
Explain the math.

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>Triggered chuddies reply to this thread like NPC not realizing this is them

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>trolling outside of /b/
this is why we can't have nice things

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it's because einstein was a determinist, and rightoids (mostly) HATE determinism. they need "muh free will"

that said i don't know if einstein's theories of relativity are truly correct. i just know that his intuition about the world being deterministic was correct.

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>Projection of nigger loving degenerate worthless trash

Niggers will never achieve greatness, that's determinism you worthless talentless failed tranny

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No, we can't have nice things because there don't seem to be any jannies interested in actually removing the trash. You just randomly get bans in waves and then another week goes by with no activity at all. It's like there's only a single one who just occasionally remembers "oh yeah there's a science board".

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>What's with this phenomenon and why is it especially prevalent amongst right-wingers?
Schizo political ideology is entirely a matter of coincidence and convenience at the time based on whichever cultural bent best facilitates their distrusting phenotype. Unsurprisingly in another era your hippies and "spirit science" types are overwhelmingly so left wing communist it's sad.

It's just coincidence of time and place, and especially media rhetoric. If you've got something fucked with your life and your brain you'll blame whatever is most ready to hand for it and eventually it simply sticks by habit.

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case in point, here we have one such seething rightoid who can't stand the truth.

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It occurs frequently here. Maybe not with relativity specifically but with other subjects it happens a lot. Someone will take the word of some random blog post by some nobody with a theory that sounds simple but is untested over some highly tested theory. And they'll do it without understanding any of the highly tested theory

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You're trying too hard

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truth has a leftist bias.

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It doesn't, you are a mentally ill tranny gobling on leftist semen pretending you are a scientist while believing in a politically aligned religion

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> nobody speaks about the LGBT
> has male cocks in mind anyway
back in your closet nazi boi

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Go back

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>why is it especially prevalent amongst right-wingers?
What did i do wrong now?

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bunker trannies raiding again

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Chuds hate things they don't understand. Rather than try to understand the topic the way normal people might do, they demonize or belittle it, because that's all their capable of. This is why they have a tendency to have a narrow, confused outlook on most subjects. They're incapable of expanding their knowledge.

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>This is why they have a tendency to have a narrow, confused outlook on most subjects
I bet 100% of them know how to define what a woman is

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So is this thread just a tranny performing an auto-fellatio?

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>math boring
>but jew man bad

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Thanks for proving his point. Right wingers hate new information. They want to believe they had everything figured out when they were 6 years old.

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Can you define "woman"?

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You're proving my point. You're stuck, completely immobilized within layers of sociological imagination beyond your understanding, like a bug caught in amber. You COULD understand the factors behind why you think this way and why I think my way and why OP thinks his way. But you won't. Because you'd have to actually care about the mechanisms of the world beyond your tiny bubble.

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>makes everything overcomplicated and inefficient with garbage information
A true left-winger is like his economy, a shitty mess.

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Why does it matter? How does that pertain to one having a "narrow" outlook? You're worldview is narrow and stunted, and the fact that you "know" exactly what a woman is and have zero capacity to even consider anything else supports that. I'm not even trying to argue politics with you, no one even mentioned lbtq or whatever, except you and the others who got all defensive. Your perspective is so narrow that you will project random pre-existing ideas onto any new arguments or info that bothers you, because you aren't capable of anything else.

But since you keep asking everyone to define woman, I will provide you with the technical definition.

A woman is the social construction of femininity that a majority of western civilization has associated with biological female sex. Woman is romantic. Woman is long hair. Woman is long dress in 1990 but not in 1860. Woman is pink now but blue then.

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>A woman is the social construction of femininity that a majority of western civilization has associated with biological female sex.
You mean every single civilization in the history of humanity including this current one

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uh oh, someone is incredibly angry

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What leftist economy? Where? If you cared enough to have any level of understanding of economy or politics, you would know that more or less every modern western first world state has been stuck in the bottom right (economically right, socially left) portion of the political compass for decades.

The last time someone actually tried to move outside of that portion, they were already poor and had no food after getting cucked in WWI so they crashed and burned.

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Woman has a vagina, that grown naturally in her body. A romantic faggot is a faggot, a faggot with long hair is a faggot. a faggot with a long dress in 1990 is a faggot and still was a faggot in 1860 with a different dress

a faggot is pink, and also blue, and also an OP

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Literally not true, a two gender system paired 1:1 to sex is a relatively new idea but you refuse to take a single step out of your bubble to notice. Plenty of societies over history have had multiple "genders" and did not always pair it with sex. Gender as we understand it is literally a social construct unique to our current global society. We made it up. It's just a way of sorting people into groups based on synthetic labels.

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>What leftist economy? Where?
in your ass, which is wide enough to fit any gdp

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Your using a strawman. Every single society in history has associated femininity with the female sex.

>Gender as we understand it is literally a social construct unique to our current global society. We made it up.
I don't understand why you think chromosomes are made up, nor why personality types closely associating with that isn't true

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>i am progreesive
>no, the 2 gender system is relatively new
Ok conservacuck, we also have 50000 religions that we don't need.

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The alternate way of saying that is to say that every modern western first world state got there under an economically right position while the leftist states floundered and dramatically failed to develop.
>The last time someone actually tried to move outside of that portion, they were already poor and had no food after getting cucked in WWI so they crashed and burned.
The Soviet Union crashed and burned during the 1980s. If you want to draw a causal relationship back to their struggles in the 1920s (which were addressed via the NEP which reversed many of their reforms) then you'll have to elaborate. Sure, communist countries were mostly poorer than capitalist ones before becoming communist, but that's not universally true. Compare North and South Korea or East and West Germany. Or look at Czechia, which had been one of the major industrial centers of Europe and before WW2 had been on par with most western industrial powers.

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Mind saucing that claim? More than five documents, if you can.
Because I don't see how that's possible considering any political bias becomes unable to account for certain crucial components of factual reality, therefore that political bias cannot accurately mirror the truth (which is what factual reality by definition is) in its entirety.

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I was joking, all ideology is potentially dogmatic, and hence potentially like religious lunacy.

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>ask question
>a few replies later and the entire discussion is centered around trannies and buttsex
Never change, 4cuck

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The real question is not whether the anon your replying to has the ability to self-reflect, it is whether or not you are able to analyze the world around you through any other lens than a Marxist or Gramscian one.
Because believe me, one day all those lenses will crack and shatter, and no amount of critical theory and resource redistribution will prevent people such as you (who the ruling elite class term as 'useful idiots') from being made to face a wall.

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Yeah right, and next you'll say "I was only pretending to be retarded."

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>''here is the scientists that Einstein plagiarized and stole from''
also pic related

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It's not a left or right thing - it's just dunning kruger effect on full display, people who don't know enough to know they don't know flying their retard flags and just filling in the gaps with whatever they read on twitter or blogs or whatever

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They figured out what a woman is by the time they we 6 years old and here you area grown adult and still havent figured out

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>wall of troon screeching retard babble

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Wow, baby differential geometry, such hard math...

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>here are the scientists Einstein plagiarized
>with his different proof
>using a different postulate
>and taking the resulting transformations to derive an entire ensemble of relativistic laws of motion
>and new relationships between space and time, matter and energy
>which no one had done before
>not even the people he supposedly plagiarized
The hate kikes get is well deserved, but Einstein wasn't a liar or a cheat or a plagiarist. He also wasn't the be-all-end-all of geniuses like pop culture makes him out to be, but he was pretty darned smart. His proof is elegant, the resulting equations seamlessly blend mechanics and electrodynamics under a single umbrella, and it has survived hundreds of experimental tests.

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I doesn't matter where Einstein go this ideas from, what matters is that the ideas are flat our nonsense.
You can do things with math that have no base in Physics. The truth is that Time doesn't warp, Space doesn't curve, and nothing shrinks when it moves fast. and Gravity is a force. Abstract math wont change these fundamental truths of Physics.