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Where are all the Aliens !?

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In my ass (it was peer reviewed)

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There aren't any, because this isn't base reality. Humans are the only intelligent species within the simulation.

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In a galaxy, far far away

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There is already far and away overwhelming evidence that we have been visited by other worlds for a long time.

>first director of the Central Intelligence Agency
>"Behind the scenes, high-ranking Air Force officers are soberly concerned about UFOs. But through official secrecy and ridicule, many citizens are led to believe the unknown flying objects are nonsense"

> retired brigadier general in Israeli Military Intelligence, Eshed was director of space programs for Israel Ministry of Defense for nearly 30 years
>Eshed claimed in an interview with Israeli national newspaper Yediot Aharonot that the United States government had been in contact with extraterrestrial life for years and had signed secret agreements with a "Galactic Federation" in order to do experiments on Earth, and that there is a joint base underground on Mars where they collaborate with American astronauts.


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>Humans are the only intelligent species within the simulation.

Most humans are dumber than an ant colony or an owl. True fact.

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Owls are smart though

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I have several theories.

One, they're really far away.
Two, you're basically a zoo animal. Drywall is transparent at the wavelengths you're observed at.
Three, you're being farmed. Everything is organized for you, food, electricity, manufactured goods, cell phones, they all just show up and you have no real idea where they come from because you've never personally seen it.
Four, aliens are here and interacting with us on the internet daily, commenting on our posts.
Five, they're just chilling out in the center of the sun.

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So are ants.

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reality is surface level, there's tons of much cooler shit deep within 4D space, so all life eventually leaves the known universe altogether once they reach the capability to do so.

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Cthulhu ate them

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I like this post.

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How come this regularly posted spam doesn't get deleted, but the Twum thread always gets deleted?
Pure racism

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Why do anons think there are ayys out there? From all the JWST data nobody has yet seen any evidence of the galactic modifications that would be expected if the universe was teeming with intelligent life. If life is abundant then there should be ayy civilizations that are millions or billions of years more advanced than ours who would easily have the science and technology to modify their galaxy. We are likely the first intelligent life, at least in our corner of the universe.

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Not true at all actually, because NDEs are real and prove that there is an afterlife and that we are eternal and will go to heaven unconditionally when we die. And NDErs talk about how the universe is filled with trillions upon trillions of existences out there. And then on top of that they talk about the multiverse being real, with both fantasy and science fiction-type universes existing. In other words, we can live both in LotR and Star Wars worlds.

Here is a very persuasive argument for why NDEs are real:


It emphasizes that NDErs are representative of the population as a whole, and when people go deep into the NDE, they all become convinced. As this article points out:


>"Among those with the deepest experiences 100 percent came away agreeing with the statement, "An afterlife definitely exists"."

Since NDErs are representative of the population as a whole, and they are all convinced, then 100% of the population become convinced that there is an afterlife when they have a sufficiently deep NDE themselves. When you dream and wake up, you instantly realize that life is more real than your dreams. When you have an NDE you immediately realize that life is the deep dream and the NDE world is the undeniably real world by comparison.

Or as one person quoted in pic related summarized their NDE:

>"As my soul left my body, I found myself floating in a swirling ocean of multi-colored light. At the end, I could see and feel an even brighter light pulling me toward it, and as it shined on me, I felt indescribable happiness. I remembered everything about eternity - knowing, that we had always existed, and that all of us are family. Then old friends and loved ones surrounded me, and I knew without a doubt I was home, and that I was so loved."

Even ultraskeptical neuroscientists are convinced by really deep NDEs.

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you've got the center of the sun thing backwards

they stay far away from stars because all of the energy flowing out of it makes it hard to stabilize and control things

when you have your own energy source you don't fuck with dirty energy

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Space is really big, empty, and old. Although I believe that we will find some kind of fossil bacteria on Mars eventually or even some living on one of Jupiter or Saturn's moons. We just can't go looking really seriously currently what with them being on different planets. As for intelligent life like use it would be really bizarre to me if there wasn't somewhere now or in the past.

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why does jannie allow this spam to be reposted on /sci/ regularly? jannie deletes all sorts of content, but this garbage is allowed to stick around, why?

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Probing your mom.

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With all the rapid advancements in AI meaning that we'll eventually be able to construct machine lifeforms that can spread throughout the entire galaxy even at sublight speeds, the apparent absence of any alien contact whatsoever is one of the greatest mysteries of our time. There should be even more posts about the Fermi Paradox.

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It's not that weird because distances are extremely vast, and the universe is very new. I've started to understand that this paradox is pretty much resolved by the unbelievably vast distances involved.

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It's been calculated that it would only take a few million years to cover the galaxy with AI probes travelling at sublight speeds. A few million years is literally nothing considering how long the galaxy has been around. Unless we're the first technological civilization, it's strange we haven't had any visitors or seen any signs of stellar engineering by other more advanced civs.

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>muh comic book fairy tales

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A race already did that but it was a billion years ago and all trace of them is lost to time

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There's speculation that somebody messed around with chromosome 2 to create the intelligent hominids that eventually became homo sapiens. Maybe it was them.

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joe biden has been shooting them down, remember?

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They teleport their consciousness where they want to go so that they don't lose out on tens of thousands of years of their own society by trying to travel lightspeed across galaxies.
We barely understand anything about science. The smarter a species becomes, the more its intelligence becomes capable of modifying its own substrate of existence. Eventually they either organically or synthetically modify themselves to make their intelligence surpass the limitations of their material body, and then they just modify their bodies at will, or project their awareness through molecular wormholes by creating a virtual holographic photonic field that they just manipulate to match the phase of their target locality so they can simply access wherever in existence they wish.
Only primitive beings need metal ships to travel through empty deep space to get anywhere.
You will call me schizo for saying this, but I'm already doing what I describe as the way aliens traverse the universe.

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I'm waiting for GPT-4chan to give us the answer to the Fermi Paradox