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/sci/ meme thread

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The AI behind your self driving vehicle

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what ever happened to the monkeypox epidemic? it just disappeared off the radar without a trace

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Turns out only fags spread it, so we went back to not caring

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is that an ai robot or a real irl person?

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Yeah, please, say no more because you've already over explained enough that have no insights and state trivial conditions that must be true for a wavefunction in general

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the concept of living organism is totally different of the person concept, you fucking dumb nigger. At least use a pic less retarded.

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>reeeeee i hate humans
but also
>hey human do me a favor
mentally ill level of entitlement

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(not the person who send the image in >>15312739)
What's the difference, pray tell?
Lol why are you living in "concepts"? It is what is is! Concepts? What is this? Sociology?
Talking about concepts is unscientific bro, we need concrete evidence like numbers.

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Wait a minute. It's been a while since I did QM.

Shouldn't it be that the normalization condition be on the integral of Ψ2?

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Wait a minute. It's been a while since I did QM.

Shouldn't it be that the normalization condition be on the integral of Ψ^2?

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Autonomous services such as Waymo have people on standby for when the system shits the bed.

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Why is it that society still has female-only scholarships but forbids male-only scholarships even though women are now a majority in college attendance?

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Even this still has the potential to greatly multiply the productivity of a cab driver.

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where'd you get that video of me?

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pretty good political cartoon desu

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It's a dumb meme though. If we swap the order then the pro-life person would have to be a radical pacifist, never killing animals, bacteria, etc.

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>forbids male-only scholarships
is this actually true, or just rightwing rhetoric bending the uncommon into the impossible.

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you know exactly why, you just can't articulate it

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Imagine still being this mad about having to get a shot.

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They started to spread it to kids so all communication regarding it had to be shut down to protect the fags.

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tekashi 6ix9ine puts his analytic math and science ability on full display

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the scientific method prides itself on replicability
if scientists can repeat the experiment using the same equipment, then i will happily believe the figures

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>it's not an actual life yet
Strawman, the argument is that it is not actual human yet, nobody is trying to assign human rights to bacteria on mars, if they find it, they will cage it and study it, its not a mater of life, but of humanity and personhood with the fetus.

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you're not an actual human, novelty bacteria is more worthwhile than you are

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If Biden and his cronies told you to shoot yourself up with bleach, you probably would.

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Cry harder Copey McCopeface.

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>I am and uninvited, unwanted interloper from reddit and I have come to 4chan to spam the science board with my political rhetoric

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You are confusing me with >>15312739, cry in their general direction for introducing politics to the thread, cry baby.

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>wanted to post some cool math memes
>thread is filled with some unfunny /pol/ shit
election tourists strike again...

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Science is a function of politics the peer review step is 100% political.

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>redditier gets emotionally triggered by the soijak meme
predictable like clockwork

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I just stated facts, if you want an example of an emotionally driven response filled with fallacies and personal attacks instead of logic or reason see

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Wait life was found on mars?

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This wave function is not normalizable.

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The GNU toolset has been running on computers since the 80s you retard. I have the GNU compiler version 1.x on a Amiga Fish-Disk as well as for the Atari ST.

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it's unironically true, you also can't set up scholarships that specifically target whites, but can set up scholarships that specifically target other races.
>source - my grandfather was a chemistry prof, the son of poor coal miners from WV. after he passed our family wanted to use a part of his estate to set up a scholarship at his U targeting boys from poor white working class families and were denied because we were told it conflicted with their policies on diversity, equity, and inclusion. we ended up just having to tracking down individual students on our own and offering the money as private donations.

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>8 months of job searching entry level jobs with bio bachelors/chemistry minor
>Roughly 240 applications
>2 interviews

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It's 100% true. Try to find a scholarship that excludes females.

In fact, someone tried to do it a few years back and it was shut down.

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It's curious that you assign a greater humanity to an undeveloped fetus than someone engaging in discussion with you.

Almost as if your entire value system is contradictory.

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>scholarship at his U
I don't think this means you couldn't just do it privately, and award it however you wanted in cash.

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nvm I didn't read your last sentence at all apparently.

Would this be illegal if someone could prove you're deciding with gender or race as a factor? Or does private spending (and paying tax on it) mean they can all eat shit.

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Yes, I believe the laws aren't so bad yet that they can forbid you from giving gifts to white males.

Nevertheless, this is still creating a major obstacle in helping young white men that simply does not exist for anyone else.

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>a major obstacle in helping young white men that simply does not exist for anyone else.
Presumably its SUPPOSED TO BE calibrated to cancel out with other factors. I have no doubt you're right in net though.

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>We're going to end discrimination by institutionalizing discrimination.

>We are going to enforce equality by handicapping the fit

What is the purpose of this but to drag everyone down?

How is this 'calibrated' when females are a majority of college students and still have tons of scholarships that men simply cannot apply for?

It's just blatant discrimination because the people who preach 'equality' really want domination.

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>What is the purpose of this but to drag everyone down?
I'm not arguing with you, one of the big ideas is that the relationship between someone's commercial value/outcome vs. opportunity is nonlinear. So by making the female's education 25% easier we are helping more than reducing the male's 30% or whatever, to hit some maxima.

Is any of that supported by solid experimental evidence though? almost certainly not, just anecdote and opinion.

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>So by making the female's education 25% easier we are helping more than reducing the male's 30% or whatever

Except Men contribute more per capita than women ever do.

Women get an education and then decide they want to have a child, or don't actually want a high stress demanding workload.

So by prioritizing women we're doing the exact opposite.

This IS backed by facts and data. Only men are net contributors to taxes. Women use more social services than they pay into.

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Is that real?

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>less than 1 hour to apply for rail crew job
>1 online exam
>1 interview
>20 weeks of paid training
>pays more than entry level bio job
>must be 18 & able to pass a drug screening
>future job title: engineer

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>Imagine being this mad about being forced to waive any liability rights with respect to the safety of a prototypical injection

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You even get to make a funny in ohio every once in a while

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the great thing about the /sci/ meme thread is that only about 4 posters on the board have a high enough iq to appreciate humor and the rest is midwit rabble which can only get angry at jokes they don't understand

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Making helping white people systematically hard is still wrong. It's literally illegal but every time it goes to the Supreme Court they just say they'll let it continue for another decade or two just for good measure

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Well shalom to that "far right extremist"