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How much longer before global warming kills everyone?
How much longer before it produces any noticeable change in the climate at all?

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2 more years to flatten the curve

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26 people got a face full of climate change yesterday you chud

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Did you know the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell?

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Didn't they say it was just gonna be a 1.5C increase on the average global temperature? A bit of ice will melt and some dry places will turn drier, but it's not gonna be that bad.

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>some dry places will turn drier
increase in temperature means the atmosphere can hold more water, which means more rain, not less. antarctica gets less precipitation than anywhere else on the planet cause its so cold

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I've heard desertification's been a big problem in the American Southwest, the Sahel, and Spain, and I don't think it's gonna get any better any time soon.

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>I don't think it's gonna get any better any time soon.
if global warming would get off it's lazy ass and give the atmosphere greater carrying capacity then things can improve, but it seems like unfortunately that is never going to happen

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just another ZOG propaganda outlet
they aren't fooling anyone be pretending to be scientific.

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Why aren't there any good pictures of Greta's feet?

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I know you're a samefagging troll, but I'd still be interested to hear: what would you consider sufficient evidence to prove climate change *as claimed by climate scientists*?

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The environment is saved, but Europeans purchasing hundreds of millions of tons of black market coal from Africa. If the purchase isn't official then it can't cause global warming

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>give me proof
>nonono not that one REEEEEEEE

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It has already produced noticeable changes. This is blatantly obvious if you’re a winter sports enjoyer.

It won’t kill everyone until after I’m dead.

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nice shoop, heres the real one

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Heres a document which shows how dishonest and untrustworthy the people pushing the global warming lies are. If someone is repeating the same rhetoric the people detailed in this document are shilling, that means they're lying

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>solar irradiance is measured in °C
>temperature is measured in solar irradiance W/m^2
Low energy. I guess climate lobby get what they pay for, lol.

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