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How come influenza disappeared?

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It turns out the methods used to stop the spread of a disease work on stopping the spread of another disease. Who'd have thunk it?

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its been rebranded to help with fear-mongering.

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But COVID wasn't stopped in the slightest. So it magically worked for the flu, but not COVID?

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Except those methods didn't stop either disease. Science is settled chud

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Don't know but it could be since they're both a type of cold virus, they're trigger a similar immune system, so you can't get infected since you've already built up your natural immunity, assuming you have such a thing

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It stopped in China, in Africa and in Luxemburg, tho.

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Africa isn't a country.

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alien invasion is next on the list after "climate change"

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>so you can't get infected since you've already built up your natural immunity
That is true for some viruses but not COVID or influenza. Or did you not see the headlines from the past three years?

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speak for yourself. I recently got a "common" flu (that wasn't detected by the covid tests and wasn't gone with the flu vaccine (my parents got)) and we were sick for like 10 days with it.

when we got covid it was a 3-day nothingburger (though we were vaccinated and it was last year after the mutations turned it to almost a nothingburger anyway).

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Because the covid test doesn’t actually look for the covid “virus.” It just looks for an immune response, which is what happens when you have the flu. In reality the flu and covid are both just trendy names to refer to the occasional purge of toxins of the human body. The “flu” didn’t exist until after the “discovery” of bacteria and viruses causing illness. Kinda crazy, right?

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tone down the racism, will ya?

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Because influenza spreads via Respiratory droplets, a mask stops it pretty much completely.
Covid spreads via Aerosol, which is much harder to stop.
So when people do
- social distancing
- wash hands
- use a mask
it is overkill for influenza.

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Of course the disease wouldn’t affect (((Luxembourg)))

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/pol/nigger literally peddling 18th century humors nonsense to cope with the cognitive dissonance of being wrong about covid lmfaooooo

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It didn't. Seasonal influenza kills a couple hundred thousand people every year. It just mostly does it in third world shitholes you don't know or care about.

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Because people mostly stayed home, washed their hands a lot, avoided touching dirty things like doorknobs and elevator buttons, and wore masks when out in public.