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best science podcast episode ever

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>jewish shills shilling jewish shills

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Buttmad poltard. Jews outrank you no matter how much you whine that Sam Harris has spoken against daddy Trump.

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Altman sounds like he is on some kind of revenge mission against humanity. He clearly has some hidden agenda. It doesn't look good guys.

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I think the one where he interviewed a literal whore for 2 hours was more scientific

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>(((science podcast)))
No thanks

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wow, a grifter interview a homosexual jew that want to shill his latest goyslop product instead of doing actual science. such scientific discussion of great merit.

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who do you think is posting this garbage?

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I will never watch your cia podcast no matter how much you shill it.

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I think Lex dropped the ball
This used to be called "the artificial intelligence podcast" and now was the chance to show his knowledge, but I thought his questions were too basic and I don't think Lex understand how chatgpt really works
He wasted a great oportunity I think he's a little retarded

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>He wasted a great oportunity I think he's a little retarded
Yeah I have never watched anything from him but just looking at him in his bodyguard suit I know.

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>He wasted a great oportunity I think he's a little retarded
He was proud tell the world how much time he's wasting reading and re-reading high school English class books.

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His name is literally satan, it's a fucking joke on us dude

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Lex Fridman is a jew. You should not listen to jews because they are bad. Lex is a jew and he wants to rule the world. He is trying to take over the world with his podcast. Also one time he said a thing on Twitter that was bad. He does not work at MIT. I went to MIT one day and I did not see him there. He also eats foreskins at the synagogue of satan. I saw him eating the foreskins

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See, the numbers don't lie, and they spell disaster for lex at sacrifice

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His agenda is to make shekels and shut down any opinios that go against globohomo kikery. That's pretty much it.

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>crossed arms
>we have been misunderstood and badly mocked for a long time
Why is he so onions?

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This episode was actually great. /sci/ will always seethe at computer science progress because all the midwits here got filtered by CS50

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lol. lmao even. anon, I did CS my whole life and CS are among the easier classes I've taken. engineering math classes are the true filters.

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>all the midwits here got filtered by CS50
it's literally a introductory course, my friend that had 0 previous CS experience got through it without a problem

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He's mad and bitter because Silicon Valley left him behind.
While all of his students or whatever were out becoming multi-millionaires (or even billionaires), he was sitting there lecturing people on start-ups.
OpenAI has raised $1,000,000,000 from outside funding. Their revenue in 2022 was $30 Million.
He REALLY wants there to be a use-case for shitty "AI".

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Is there anything new discussed in this podcast? Or is it all of the same shit Sam has talked about elsewhere?
Anything new/original at all?

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literally nothing new in any of Lex's podcasts. Just midwit masturbation material for people too braindead to do real science or math.

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Weird flex considering Harris ended his chance for mainstream influence once he openly wished for the death of millions of children because it would positively influence his political objectives.

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Havard bro?

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lol, what's the problem stupid, can't keep up?

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Nothing nrw really, that's the problem
Could've been a CNN interview and we would have the same answers

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like who the f is Lex Friedman?

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He has done a lot of podcasts with a lot of smart and important people. He also reads a lot of books and smokes a lot of weed.

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a jewish propaganda shill
jewish shills shill him here constantly because he is one of their tribe

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>not picrel

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