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Terrible science. I'll start off with the Milgram study. I should not have to explain why it was shit but of all the experiments the results were very varied and that all the participants KNEW that it was a study. This series of experiments should be considered pseudo science by anyone reputable yet it keeps getting repeated as true ad nauseam while even being put into the public curriculum in America and around the world

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Universal common descent.

An absolute fairy tail built upon baseless assumptions, faulty logic, and bad interpretations. Worse yet, competing interpretations and explanations are outright rejected and protected by law to ensure a zero-competition environment within curriculum.

Somehow, even after the multitude of discoveries and realizations born from the field of molecular biology that very clearly implicate design, contemporary practitioners of Darwinism continue to insist that their mythology is science.

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Milgram experiment has been reproduced on population scale with great success. The participants were not informed that they participated in an experiment.

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Sure thing bro. Yeah and I'm sure it can be retested today too right despite it being in the curriculum? The fact of the matter is that the experiment is extremely faulty and cannot be retested.

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It's happening again and again. NPC zombies will continue to commit terrible crimes against humanity only because some authority tells them to. They will never be capable of morality or critical thinking.

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Very low quality bait, you can do better anon