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How the fuck can a planet tip over on its side? What does that even mean in space?

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do u know what an axis of rotation is?

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I did not come here to talk about WWII, Anon.

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>What does that even mean in space?
In Uranus' case (giggle), longer lasting seasons with more extreme weather.

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It all started with a shifting mass on the poles.

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It was just hit by another planet sometime (absorbed). Systems with more bodies are more unstable than such with few, and such fuckery was a method to reduce this number.

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>Proto-Uranus rotating on a more typical axis compared to the ecliptic (a few degrees of tilt)
>Protoplanetary object, a few Earth masses, approaches proto-Uranus
>due to slight difference in inclination of orbits, the smaller object enters Uranus near its north or south pole (completely normal for solarsystem objects to do this)
>encounter velocity is slow, but the gravity of both objects accelerates them into each other at over 13 km/s
>impact occurs, and the protoplanet merges with proto-uranus, resulting in its incoming kinetic energy being converted into heat and rotational energy
>result is that Uranus now has an axial tilt of about 90 degrees
Hope this helps. Uranus never "tipped over", it was spun along a different axis due to a giant impact event.

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the text would say otherwise that the magnetic pull of the space has entropic turn on it

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That's what happened last with me and your mum.

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Look up a spinning objects flipping in 0g

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Underrated comment.

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That's what you get for living in Norfolk.

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That's not what happened, Uranus doesn't approximate a T shaped mass. >>15304879 is correct, the momentum of the impacting mass dominates over the preexisting angular momentum of the planet before impact.

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did it also turn into a orange ball of awesome like when Theia crashed with Earth and liquified the entire ball?

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>the smaller object enters Uranus

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