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Why does Harvard have such a preference for the dumbest demographic? Is Harvard a school for dumb people?

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Because society including Harvard is run by Jews. What percentage of the ”whites” are actually Jews?

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The percentage that get accepted.

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Why don't asians and whites just identify as a different race?

Isn't race fluid now?

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More than 50%

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I have a hard time believing that any asians from below the top decile got accepted. Does that mean the top decile of Harvard applicants? not going to actually read it

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>universities go woke
>suddenly academia is worthless
who would've thought

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harvard has always been a school that produces stupid graduates, this video is about 30 years old

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I fucking despise that I'm practically forced to do PhD in my field and spend 4 years more in academia, it's such a fucking scam

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