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What's the reason to do PhD and stay in academia in STEM when the industry nowadays does the same amount (if not more) of research with 10x the pay and comfort of life?

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>comfort of life

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>come to work
>talk with colleagues for 1 hour
>work for 2 hours
>go for a lunch
>come back hour later
>work for an hour
>2 hours of meetings
>come back home
>mute teams
>this gives you free gym, medical cover, weekly integrations, free food and 6 figure salary
yeah it's pretty comfy i'd say

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Fresh barely legal pussy each year.

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what does fresh one give you if you aren't getting any at all anyways

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Maybe because you are interested in pursing excellence in some field beyond what you can acquire with an undergraduate degree? Maybe you would like the opportunity to work in an intellectually stimulating career that you could never, ever, ever get into without a PhD?

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hes a closeted homosexual, they all feel driven to make those kind of lies to cover up the embarrassing truth they want nobody to know about

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There is only one reason for me.
This. >>15302427

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The obvious primary motivation is to bang young college girls. All other answers are bunk.

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This and worthless prestige

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>They see me larping, they hating

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This makes me angry. There are no girls to bang.

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Definitely not in STEM.

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Fear. Doing a phd is 95% of the time an irrational decision, its a bloated market.

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get a phd in physics or math and youre set for life. every employer will look atyou differently and with awe

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I hope this is a joke. Most people with a phd in these fields struggle to find work.

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Hardly "most". If you're not an exceptionally dogshit candidate you can find all kinds of work with a phd. There's some absolute spergs who wouldn't have found work anyway of course.

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I don't really see how any employer would prefer PhD in math over someone that has 4 year of experience more in whatever field he is in

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Obsession / extreme "passion".

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false everyobe i know who got a phd in those fields work in
>defense research
>finance (math models)
>industry research (high technology/scientific start ups)

bullshit sub 120s seeth over >135 iq phd math and physics graduates (applied physics etc.) as long as there is physics and math

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I've spoken with many Academia bros about this and I think it ultimately comes down to the "comfort" of staying in school. That is, it's a kind of arrested development, where you get to have a captive audience of students who will have to defer to you for your "amazing" knowledge of some extremely niche subject no one actually cares about. Universities of full of actual "grown" men who still think they are "shaping young minds for the future" and similarly gay stuff, rather than shuffling borderline retards through High School 2.0 since it's required for a job now.

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Physics and math nerds get fucking destroyed by Chemchads in this department.

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>What's the reason to do PhD and stay in academia in STEM
Because you want to spend more time learning something that you had as an undergraduate, would be the main reason, IMO.

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>every employer will look atyou differently and with awe

And then say we decided to go with a different candidate because you intimidate the high school educated boomer manager.

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You will live in the pod and you will eat the bugs.

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>industry nowadays does the same amount (if not more) of research with 10x the pay and comfort of life?
but do they do research in algebraic sneed theory, which I hold so very dear?

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