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do you look like a scientist?

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you seem to be experiencing emotional distress

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I didn't find her funny in that horrid ghostbusters remake and I sure as hell don't find her funny in this thread.

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Huh? I see this thread for the first time.

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hollywood hasn't made a legitimately funny movie since the early 1980s, i'd rather stare at a wall for two hours than watch any of their trash

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What's the best movie in your opinion?

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Anything with Martin Ssempa in it

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taxi driver.

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P-p-pedo detected

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Does having PhD even hold any value anymore?

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cia psyop movie produced by drug addicts, created to make john hinckley jr seem plausible to the general pubic.
in reality, john hinckley sr was george bush's top financial backer in the 1980 republican primaries.
when bush failed to get the nomination and ended up as merely vice president, hinckley sr sent jr to shoot reagan and make george bush president.
didn't work out as planned, but reagan was a lot more cooperative with bush's agenda after the shooting, so it kinda ended up working out anyway.
hinckley jr got away with the shooting by playing crazy, because taxi driver set up that narrative, hinckley jr's legal defence included a lot of references to taxi driver

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go back to /pol/

>antihero gets down with jodie foster

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hinckley jr said he shot reagan to impress jodi foster, narrative would not have been available without the making of that movie.

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is the dark night trilogy a psyop too because some dude shot up a cinema larping as the Joker?

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Wait nvm this is actually legit.

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i don't know about that one, i only know about the hinckley business because my grandfather worked for hinckley sr

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why would it count as a cia psyop though?

CIA's motive is social control.

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How has your first day on /sci/ been?

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it sucks!! these chuds don't believe any of the facts i learned from watching cnn and posting on reddit, its like they never even watched the daily show or something