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I self-diagnose positive ADHD and negative autism (probably because I'm not that shy around people in public), but at the same time I feel like when I get bursts of obsession with ADHD that I'm into some kind of autistic mode. Is ADHD just "mini autism in bursts"?

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you sure do seem to like talking about yourself on social media

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I tested positive for add and sometimes I relate to autists when I obsess over some subyects. I am not medicated at all tho, fuck that shit.

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>I am not medicated at all tho
they literally do amphetamines and consider that normal lol. there's this youtube channel of a girl constantly promoting drug for adhd and she pretends it's fine and you can tell by her eyes she's constantly tweaked lol.

also I'm not sure if people could even be diagnosed with adhd if there wasn't an internet era of so many distractions around.

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>I self-diagnose
Stopped reading. Kill yourself fucking retard. Only medical professionals can diagnose.

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stop being a retard that tries to find patterns in nothing.

you're not special. whatever framework you've constructed is all in your head.

real autists don't obsess over their situation.

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It's scary how accurately that venn diagram of autism describes me

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every framework anyone had constructed is in their head.

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gj, use a technically to push us into philosophy.
don't pretend you didn't deliberately misread that sentence.

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> he has the delusion professional scientists aren't just people who just studied something slightly more and they are still guessing

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Modern-day horoscopes. The description is so vague as to be meaningless because it technically applies to all people.

This is the problem with modern-day psychology. It's stuck in circular arguments that are unfalsifiable and as such, their approach to issues of mental 'well-being' necessarily must fail.

Let's take an example: Three people diagnosed with ADHD. One can't concentrate because he's getting abused at home, the other can't concentrate because of lead exposure that caused slight brain damage, the last one can't concentrate because he simply doesn't care about school work.

Three completely different cases, but currently they're all treated the same.

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How about GayDHD, and you can’t focus on gay sex without Adderall

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The description for ADHD is in the name. It's a deficit of attention usually seen alongside hyperactivity. I've been diagnosed with both and I've never been abused at home or anything else like that. I have a lot of trouble staying focused on things, even things I enjoy or want to do. It's caused me a lot of problems at work and school

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No. I was gaslighted by own family for a decade that I have been diagnosed for tism, but not adhd when in fact I was and apparently have been showing signs of adhd since 5yo, also any social + sensory issues I had where transient and are currently long gone, pic related

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