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I started watching that type of porn very early in my life and the fantasies of me fucking a grown woman while I was a kid remained

Does self-inserting as the shota make me a pedo?

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No. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ageplay

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Dunno but I also want to get raped by big tiddy onee sans

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As a 5'2 Male who had the incredible luck of growing up before the advent of online dating, sleeping with a woman significantly taller than (you) isnt great. I once had a threesome with a gf who was 5"11 and her best friend who was barely 5", and the difference was really noticeable.

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I dunno, sounds pretty good to me.
Is it weird that I’d rather be 5ft than 6ft?

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I'm 6ft too and sometimes I wish I was shorter for this very reason

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I mean, I still stayed with the 5"11 gf for a while, it wasnt so stark a difference that I grew jaded with her, but it was enough for me to understand why people focus on height so much in couples. It just feels better having a smaller girl wrapping her legs around you.
But you do you. Yeah it's weird if you'd genuinely want to be short, no one my size wouldn't say yes if they could gain a foot, including me. It definitely doesnt suck half as much as people nowadays are pushing online, but it's obvious its a disadvantage.

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You just wanted to be a good son for your mother, but she kept treating you like shit no matter what you do. You desperately try to find motherly love, eventually expressing your pain through your sexuality, in particular by making up fantasies about being a shotacon.

>inb4 how do you know?
I made it up and i'm not a qualified professional.

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Well, you kinda hit the nail in the head there, do you think if I heal my mommy wounds I will stop having this paraphilia?

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