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Where are all the Aliens !?

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In my PANTS -t. Posadist

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Doing alien things.
Reading your comments sections.
Meanwhile their gaming clan has a winning bid on earth.

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They were here. They were disappointed. They left.

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Likely on their own planet thinking the same thing

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That would be silly because they know where they are. They'd ask "Where are all the humans?"

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they're already here, have been for a while
god help us all if they ever decide to do more than that

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We are probably alone in the galaxy

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jannie never does anything about this incessantly spammed thread, must be against jannie's marching orders from jannie's glownigger bosses.
ages ago on 420chan, the admin detailed how he got busted for kiddie porn and instead of going to jail, he was put into the FBI's criminal informant program, which allowed him to continue to commit crimes as long as he did what he was told by his glownigger bosses, some of what he was instructed to do was crimes benefiting the FBI or their political masters.
seems like jannie must've gotten stung the same way

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Don't exist.

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At home, strapped into super-VR brain jacks that let them live out their wildest fantasies having constant heroine fueled sex with AI waifus designed after their species' equivalent of super models. Their advanced anti-matter-annihilation based batteries mean they can turn literal garbage into fuel that will last them thousands of years before having to replace them, which their robot slaves do anyway without them ever having to unplug. They rarely feel the need to actually reproduce or expand, and the technology that supports their lifestyle operates with such efficiency that the idea they should ever need anything like a Dyson swarm is laughable.

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On instagram.

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Don't tell anyone, I'm actually one of them.

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I will tell everyone

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I will probe your ass with my ayy technology.

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You don't understand, for the Aliens, we are "Aliens" too.

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And to the aliens the aliens are humans?