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Americans finally defeat china at math.


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In a decade academia will be ruled by second generation Chinese and Indians

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Grim. This the end of human civilization.

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>In a decade academia will be ruled by second generation Chinese and Indians
their parents work them, western parents give their kids more freedom and the kids end up doing whatever the fuck they like

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I mean they're carrying the American flag, not their home country's flag. So whose win is it in the end?

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It's well known Chinese are good students and terrible researchers. Now if only China could defeat America in scientific advancement which is the thing that actually matters.

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They were presumably born in America, so they are carrying their home country's flag.

Still a win for Asia nonetheless.

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They're beating America in many fields. Most notable is AI and quantum computing. They're a decade ahead.

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Where's the Chinese ChatGPT? They've only made TikTok and that's just a redo of Vine.

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America has been doing this since the beginning. Our space and nuclear programs were only successful because we poached Nazis and displaced Jews.

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>redo of Vine
Vine is dog shit.
>Chinese ChatGPT
this doesn't help the CCP to spy on their own citizens so it's not funded as much. CCP has the best computer vision in the world to track and fuck over their own citizens.
big corps like Baidu and Huawei released some very big LLMs. however, their models are geared toward shilling to sell shitty products to their customers and not a publicity stunts from a startup like OpenAI to sell their company for money.
like 60% of researchers in America big tech labs are Chinese

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white supremacist cope, which is especially funny since the us isn't even a white country anymore.
the future is asian. you could have had a white future but your leaders sold their own kin out for a few dollars (dollars that ended up being fake anyways) oh well shit happens, many such cases.

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Not a win for Asia at all. You just view things through an ethnic lens, which isn't a way anything has been organized for centuries at this point. American infrastructure and resources won the Olympiad. The human beings and their genetic ancestry doesn't matter to anyone other than /pol/ and twitter.

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>like 60% of researchers in America big tech labs are Chinese
So? The fact they all flock to America and make their discoveries there is proof the American model is superior to the Chinese model.

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>human civilization

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>kids end up doing whatever the fuck they like
so the kids rule over the adults in america? that explains a lot

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israelis do the same thing

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Meh, that is just IQ. East Asians have higher IQ than whites, and whites higher than blacks. Is just biology.

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Meh, the third generation always fucks up everything. Both will degenerate into the same corrupted behaviors that turned their countries into shit holes.

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Those kids will cumulate 4 shitty jobs to live their miserable life of "doing whatever they want" aka being an overconsumption slave, spending their lives watching shows

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Any parent in the west that is going to push their kid young enough to accomplish this pushes them into chemistry for premed or coding/finance JFC

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They are asians and i think they came from China, cry all you want but there's nothing wrong with them being asian

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least notable are anything that requires health and safety

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This is because everyone flock to the richest empire in the world. American became rich because of war spoil from the 2 WW and the exploitation from the whole world by controlling all trade routes, not because of its model.

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No, China's going to plateau - they're rapidly approaching the limit of what they can steal or copy off of other countries and are going to realize that they're kind of shit at actually innovating on their own.

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I'm not even a gook

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yeah, because china didn't invent shit like printing press, paper and powder like 1k years before the west, right?

guess where the ideas of the printing press of gutemberg came from.

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the compass, son. it's the most important innovation for the industrial revolution.
Chinks did lots of weird shit before they got clapped by the Confucianism Orthodoxy, like testing rockets. But the tech level was so primitive back then, few of them worked.

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You don't know what it's going to become anon. My MSc co-supervisor just came back to China last year to lead CS department in a new university. I know many other chinks professors got paid more than what they make in America (think half a mil $) to come back to Asia to do pure research with almost unlimited budget.
They're getting their people who got trained in America back to their country using a fuck ton of money.

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white people think they're magical beings, It's almost hilarious to see retards mocking spics for being low IQ and I'm like smarter than 99.9% of the pol retards.

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being smarter than 99.9% of /pol/ is the opposite of an achievement.

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I know, It's just kind of sad and hilarious to be smarter than 98% of the human population.

It's like I think I am just a noob, I am not special.

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The only thing China's a decade ahead in is factory accidents. The biggest shithole in South America has done more for quantum computing than the smartest company in China. They lie more than Pinocchio. If Chinamen were even half of what they said they were, they'd have flying cars and civilian space travel.

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>someone disses china
>chinanons come out woodwork to remind everyone chainastrongu! chainabesutto!
lol, every time

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>someone mentions china to be good at STEM
>polturds start spamming chinese liveleak

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LOL imagine thinking that academia is run on some kind of colorblind merit. Only way chang is getting tenure is if he transitions, and I ain't talking about smooth manifold theory.

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It's a decently high average IQ combined with EXTREME pressure from the community to perform well academically from a very young age. Imagine if all the effort American whites put into youth sports were put into advance math and physics instead. Same thing for classical music (music invented by westerners hundreds of years ago). It's just that in the west, those subjects have been reserved in advance for nerds that never have sex. Sportsball worshipping ameritards will probably realize too late that prioritizing Jamal Ball for the last few generations was probably the wrong move. Basically a result of thinking that the post WW2 good times would last forever.

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Isn't funny how china dominates now all the classical fag contests?

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There's nothing mysterious about kids being trained rigorously from age 3 becoming the best at something. Also I think Russia still produces the best pianists. The America problem is entirely due to a lack of standards...standards that will only ever be lowered now due to DEI nonsense.

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You still need a good government. Every Chinese technology is derived from Russia/Israel/US because there is no free market innovation.

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>Where's the Chinese ChatGPT?

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You're the one who said America isn't their home country. You yourself see it through an ethnic lens.

And why aren't non Asian Americans winning if American infrastructure was the reason?

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>Chinese and Indians breaking through the woke forcefield
That's a nice larp They better start learning how to rap battle calculus if they want to stay.

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They have different techs in China anon. You just don't live in China and all you hear about are America-based media so you don't know. In fact, the US is currently importing some of the stuff they did in China, especially on the censorship and renewable stuffs.
oh, and they have very good railway/traffic systems.

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>they have different tech
>Chinese stuff
US code on US inventions patented by Americans made with the finest modern NIST tooling created using the Swedish tooling made from old German tooling only possible due to historic French tooling made with the sweat and tears of a hundred thousand French machinists and premachinists... Wow, what a gloriously Chinese communist life they must lead, everything on the fucking planet having been discovered by Europeans and invented by Americans, invented by those same Americans using European tooling and European ideas.
>good traffic
ah, you were trolling. How's that 99 lane highway working out? Oh, it backs up every holiday for a hundred fucking miles because it goes down to four fucking lanes? Genius

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No anon, when China claims to invents anything we're always the first to hear about it because that's how potemkin states work.

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Has anyone else noticed how they are all asian?

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>western parents give their kids more freedom and the kids end up doing whatever the fuck they like
I'm a zoomer and my parents raised me like this. We didn't live near any other kids my age or even cool nature so it basically meant I sat inside watching YouTube literally my entire childhood.

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This reminds me of when retards shit on the American education system by posting the stats of that one faggoty test where Americans are lower. They forget that America is multi-ethnic. American Asians are higher scoring then most Asians with some exceptions, American whites are higher scoring than most white countries with some exception, same is true for black and hispanics, on average ofc.

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low IQ copycat faggot cannot see the IChO line behind them

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Math Olympiads have nothing to do with real math. The Chinese are only good at solving the problems they were trained to solve. They suck when it comes to real science. That's why the Fields medalists are mostly of European origin.

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what a gigantic cope.

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anon this is chem olympiad...

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American education sucks because it isn't necessary.
They're not kidding when they say "America is a nation of immigrants"
Why would we need to have homegrown intellect when we can just import it?
This has been the case, is currently the case, and will be the case.
Remember when we imported a ton of Jewish intellect fleeing the Nazis? (We got Einstein, von Neumann, Fermi, Gödel)
Remember when we scooped up the smart Nazis so the Soviets couldn't get them (Werner von Braun)?
Even today, it's not just China - we're taking the smartest Indians, Russians, and even Europeans.
The whole world brain drains to the USA.

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In a decade? Go look at the PhDs in any STEM research group at Stanford or MIT.

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Asia is improving, especially in STEM. Locally, we had a citrus disease kill our plants for years and it was a Chinese immigrant who solved the problem.
The problem is that the Asian nation is prone to mass delusional ideology like paganism and Communism. The lack of basic morality makes it hard for them to experience success. Plus they are not very good at creating.

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Exactly. I think it was an Indian-American woman who cured AIDS in infants. Nobody cared about her gender or race or even name. The headline was that AIDS has been cured by an American.

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Exactly. Why do they beg to get into our schools, and beg us to go to their schools?


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That's how Twitter and gas stations were ruined. People used to have clean well stocked affordable gas stations before they created an Indian monopoly.

>> No.15300236

Yet Asia is an ugly dystopian shithole and America is not.

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You missed his point.

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Cope. If you were great, everyone would want you. But nobody does. Not even yourselves.


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who are "us"?
Whites? Jews?

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Chinese version of Black Hebrew Israelites

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Why bother arguing with gaslighting 50 cent liars?
Let them stay delusional

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Americans you utter retard bot

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Whites have low Birth Rates and absolute SHIT culture that promotes degeneracy and self hate, family is non existent.
Asians have strong family structure that focuses on success. Your average Wigger kid wants to become a YTer faggot or TikTok Toon, meanwhile Asian kid studies and trains for stuff like Olympiad and Olympics

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The guy you posted are American. The guys in OP pic are also American. There's no "they" here

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>In a decade academia will be ruled by
An AI (or langeage models, or whatever).

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American school is a temporary holding pen for the (allegedly) extinct homo erectus before they graduate to jail. The only remaining pipeline to "success" for non incel white guys is basically Rich Family -> Frat Bro -> Finance Bro nepotism.

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If Indians and Chinese are smart ,after all these years,why can't they make their country a super power?
They have about 70 years and 1 billion people.
Asians have inferior genetics.They can only imitate ,that's why they become the best slave available

It was an eloborate plane devised by British Elites...
Conquer the lower races of India ..
Civilize the lower races,teach them english..
Later mass import them to British land...
Unleash unlimited propaganda into minds of white people..
Force them to live with inferior race and die out slowly..
Why?Beacuse Common British are the real Aryanas elites want to kill.

Indians are appointed as CEOs for diversity points.But why Indians and no other minorities?
They are what elites wanted everyone to become
A race which is mixed so much that they don't have any real identity
They are just intelligent to be a cog in the machine but not built the machine itself.

Entire country of India look like a trial run for their plans
A country of thousand different cultures is unifed under the
name of some made-up story of Independence Struggle against British
India's motto "unity in diversity" is hammered into the mind of young children from the very early age
The idea of promoting diversity and equality that we now see in the West was first tried out in India through a system called reservation.

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It's solving reverse engineered problem
Contests like this were once banned in Cambridge,
Beacuse academics started to notice that the students who excel in these competitions rarely prodice anythine worthwhile

That Tereance-Tao -greatest-mathematician-alive is definietely a mass propaganda

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if whites are so smart then why did they let an Indian rule over them?
If whites are smart how come they keep importing millions of non whites to replace themselves.

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>if whites are so smart then why did they let an Indian rule over them

Because whites who rule white countries want to kill common white folks
And these rulling are good at deceiving

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There is no china or russian superpowers
It's all fake
The only country that are capable of becoming superpowers are white countries
And the only real rulers are those who rule over white people.(Priest Class of Europe and their foot soldiers,Jews)
These rulers want to eliminate every single common whilte folk.And so far they have succeeded very well.
All our known history can be summed up in one sentence
>Make whites genocide themselves
Interesting thing about these elites is that they will never pick up weapon themselves.
>Pen vs Sword
Whites are superior in fighting
Elites are superior in writing

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Well let's look at this
Group 1 let others genocide them and give up their own countries.
Group 2 are taking over other countries and not getting replaced in their own countries.
It's pretty easy to see which group is smarter

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>cannot create anything themsleves
>leach on other people's work
>call them genius

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Bong Wiggers will literally live to see their Island become majority Shitskin and drown in irrelevance.
Britain has to be the biggest looser of the second World War, they literally lost everything, their Empire, manufacturing might, innovation, productivity etc literally nothing of value has come of out UK since atleast 70s apart from maybe Harry Potter. I don't understand what they even do there nowadays, they don't even have the Tech Industry like US.

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Geniuses were the ones who survived till the end. Whites will meet the same fate as the Neanderthal

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>pol enters the thread

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I don't think many of you guys know but Britain never really recovered from 2007-08 GFC, their GDP per capita peaked in 2007, they haven't had any growth in last 15 years, thanks to Covid, they now have proper Stagflation with over 10% inflation rate.

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China literally couldn't produce a ball point pen until 2017. They are doing thing now that America did 60-70 years ago.

>> No.15300722

That's not the definition brainlet, you're not le science and never will be

>> No.15300723

Whites are Neanderthals with some Sapien intermixing.
Negros are Sapiens mixed with some unknown Ghost ancestor only they have, (search up Ghost DNA).
Asians are Erectus mixed with some Neanderthal intermixing.

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somehow the the crisis only benefited USA. The European countries were left behind. I really wonder what happened there but I'm not an economist

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Yeah turns out Humans are animals just like Dogs and Bears.

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london money magic

>> No.15300743

>unknown Ghost ancestor only they have
uhh why isn't this being researched more?

>> No.15300749

Most Euro countries couldn't bail their Banking sector out. They are also ahead on Demographic crisis than US, just look at Italy, Spain, Greece, Bulgaria etc. These countries with median age in high 40s have no future, many Central and Eastern European countries like emptying up, because literally nothing happens there.
Apart from this importing sub 80IQ unemployable Afro-Arabs doesn't help.
Read this article about UK, use the pay wall remover.

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It is being researched, search it up.

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again if whites are smart they wouldn't let other people replace them. Cope all you want but everything humans do is to survive and whites aren't able to do that

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Europe, specially UK, France and Germany are nothing but US Vassals, and US has raped them Dry, they don't have anything now.
Rest Euro countries simply don't matter, they are too small, basically meme states. Italy and Spain were promising 3-4 decades ago but are on their way to total dysfunction, and poverty. These countries never recovered from GFC, haven't had any growth in decades, have severe and likely irreversible demographic crisis.

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North America will be Brazil tier in next 2-3 decades.

>> No.15300768

well USA has imported a lot of unemplyable Africans a few hundred years ago so that should've given EU a head start. But you're right, USA played Europe for fools

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>Geniuses were the ones who survived till the end
It;s whites happen to be too innocet and the ruling elites exploited it

You can see it in movies like Invention of lying how they glorify the ability to lie

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How is this board so riddled with loser Asian diaspora? Is it just 3 guys with too much time?

>> No.15300821

>American infrastructure and resources won the Olympiad.
but somehow, by pure coincidence, they are all chinese. pretty low odds, considering they're a minority.

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>why are there lots of asians on the STEM board
It's better than /tv/ which I'm pretty sure is 4 discord tranny mods with the remainder literal netflix shills that that will die defending extremely shitty franchises for reasons. I got banned for light Hyde (a noted TV star) posting.

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Why are retards like yourself on /sci/?

It's obvious you lack both education and basic intelligence to acquire former.

Back to /pol/ with you.

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This confirms a diplomatic math push, oddly enough.
CCP is toast
Chinese have a victory path to freedom in China
They know that path is not obstructed
In other words
(to impose freedom, market economy, and liberal democracy as well as voting & elections on China through a forceful military campaign of sequenced operations)

>> No.15300899

If the Chinese know the Americans aren't going to obstruct Chinese freedom and excellence, then they have no argument for continuing to deny mainland Chinese such freedom as it is an unfair competition: free Chinese diaspora will humiliate mainland Chinese and work to impose freedom on mainland Chinese along with their European, Anglo, and American allies.

>> No.15300904

In short, Chinese diaspora in free countries will become upset with their retarded brethren in mainland China laboring under unfair conditions of subservience to European Communism & German Idealism, both foreign to China and essentially unnatural expressions of genuine Chinese culture that does not deny Chinese access to history, philosophy, politics, and literature.
It can become frustrating to be Sino influenced when communism is determined to screw up cultural exchange and philosophical inquiry and demonstration.

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this thread is now about handsome Chinese men

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Take your Schizo pills
Not sure what that inconsistent gibberish is even about.

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>(((Your leaders)))

>> No.15301247

but France has no US bases

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I've alredy come to terms with the fact that the white world is done for, but atleast my kids will be accepted in the future.

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That's the joke

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Say more on this please.

>> No.15302307

>these competitions rarely prodice anythine worthwhile
>lol, lmao even
these competitions produce broad-spectrum excellence. you somehow come away thinking the average olympiad contestant is no better than the average high school or even university student? worthiness is a poor metric for education for much of it revisionist for the lucky few. LUCK favors the prepared mind. also everytime this comes up its as if we're all assuming these competitions involve prohibitive years of study. this is not necessarily the case and the sad truth is many of these kids master the material over a summer. cope pure and simple.

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>these competitions produce broad-spectrum excellence

If it was the case asian countries would not a shithole

From Niles Ritter
Here is my take on the situation: In every math competition I know of, the problems presented are already known to have solutions, and have been “reverse-engineered” by real mathematicians to not just have solutions, but likely very clever ones, often involving a symmetry or invariant (geometric or algebraic), about which the designer of the problem understands deeply. So to do well, contestants must be able to “see” a trick, that is already known to exist.

The job of a real mathematician is to extend mathematics into the unknown, where nobody has ever been, and it is not known if there is a solution, a symmetry, or other underlying structure about which anybody yet knows a thing. This involves a very different kind of thinking, closer to art perhaps, and a kind of bravery of journeying into an unknown world, using inductive reasoning, and pulling in tools and techniques from other mathematical fields or possibly even physics which nobody else had ever thought related.

The plight of the IMO Olympian is like that of a child at Easter Egg hunts, where they have grown used to finding pretty eggs laid out previously by adults, and then when they grow up and come to a large grassy field, they are frustrated, because no matter how hard they try they can’t find a single egg in the bushes —because in the real world of mathematics, there is no adult planting pretty eggs for them to find.

>> No.15302365

>master the material over a summer. cope pure and simple.
You absolutely have no idea about the level of coaching that exist in the asian countries

It so funny to see this supposed geniuses sstruggling in actual research

>> No.15302369

Ben Green might have done the relevant work
They have added Terence name to that.
It's part of supersmart asian ,blacks psyops

Notice how the only white genius is cripped hawking.Another psyop

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>child mathematicians should be able to do PHD adult research
Does /sci/ retards also get angry when they see childreen soccer tournaments being not as good as the world cup?

jesus, these fucking retards.

>> No.15302549

>childreen soccer tournaments being not as good as the world cup
Isn't it the other way round?
Like child super stars in sports almost always become succesful professionals


Beacuse asian are clogging up colleges in white countries while creating absolutely nothing
Probably by design

FIrst phase was filling it with jewish mental gymnasticians
Second phase was filling it with asian bugs

What is the third phase

>> No.15302554

>the other way around

The redpill is that you will never see magical soccer at the world cup.
It's just money shit.

>creating nothing
The last shit I remember seeing on /g/ porn pictures were mostly asians doing the repos, like Controlnets, It was a chink student.

The third phase is basically WWIII and the return of jesus.

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File: 60 KB, 226x177, TIMESAND___V8p29tM99ANfFyF3EdVTERs4WJdn661g.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

When I'm exterminating your race, I'm going to rub it in that I'm doing it for the sake of this one, in no small part.

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you wont do shit.

the AGI that control us wont let you be nothing but a 4chan incel.

>> No.15302596

>The last shit I remember seeing on /g/ porn pictures were mostly asians doing the repos, like Controlnets, It was a chink student.

This is the youtube Evan Chen ,a famous.IMO gold medalist.Is he turning gay?

>> No.15302695

you have to fight fire with more fire

>> No.15302924

America is a pathetic Merc nation.
Fragile degenerated Whitoids think they somehow build USA alone, lol.

I for one think East Asian migrants to America deserve all the hate they receive, both verbally and physically.
They are traitors to their root nations by contributing to a foreign, hostile country.

>> No.15303409

they are american whether you like it or not.


>> No.15303426

The melting pot allows USA companies to piggyback on the best that each race has to offer. Unfortunately the citizens are also subject to the worst that each race has to offer, combined and all at once.