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Why aren't you faggots talking about this?

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We have been.
Vaccines and graphene, 5G-6G cell tech, and more, been discussed for a while now.
Most here still are clueless though and think the ScamDemic was about a cold virus.

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I did when she did this at Davos, but these retarded normalfag redditors are nogger cattle. I endorse cannibalism now.

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JFC that first article must have been written by a gay GPT or a zoomer fag who wears skinny jeans and thinks it is a woman. All fluff, no substance.
WSJ is paywall, but WSJ is shit tier propaganda for Zog anyway and never says anything of substance or even truthful.

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Those too, are used to enhance or alter brain activity.

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Because it's easily counteracted by thinking solely about fucking the brains out of a girl 24/7
Love prevents mind reading, once I detect the CIA agent observing me they're gonna see some nasty shit on their screen

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That gets them off. CIA and FBI recruit pervs.

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So take them. You’re bad with money management and social skills when you don’t.

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What they don't know is I'm getting my own EEG headset to summon DMT cyberpunk demons to hack them back

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because it's utter shit and cannot be anything except utter shit without being invasive
>>EEG, fNIRS [functional near-infrared spectroscopy], fMRI [functional magnetic resonance imaging], EMG
are shit. They will never be capable of being able to read individual neurons.

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Devils advocate, the ability to read the minds and memories of people is a benefit. Its assumed that you'd be easier to contest with this tech, but if you make a plan that incorporates or assumes for this, is the disadvantage nullified?

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The benefit comes from being able to use the assumed data or recordings as an alibi or insurance in cases where one needs to refer back to details in discourse or beyond.

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Who are you my exhusband?

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This >>15284615. I have been telling the morons here for years. They are NPC nigger cattle though so it is kinda pointless. They are already soulless bugmen consoomers, you cant take much more away from them so they have nothing to lose

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wow, you sure managed to squeeze a lot of schizo buzzwords into one post

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>They are NPC nigger cattle though so it is kinda pointless.
There are only a few people who hang out in Sci and two are confirmed glowies, one glowie not even in the USA.

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>Im gonna need to unpack this
go back to redit nigger

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How many boosters have you had?

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>so many wikipedia tabs
Based OP

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>Legal ethicist

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>>Legal ethicist
and her first name even has 'nit' in it. As in 'nitwit'.

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As many as it takes to trigger the anti vaxc schizo's

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You sure owned those schizos by being retarded and owned that anon by not proving him right at all!
>They are NPC nigger cattle though so it is kinda pointless. They are already soulless bugmen consoomers, you cant take much more away from them so they have nothing to lose

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>antivax schizos
I don't see how that's relevant here since we're talking about something completely different.
Are you actually dumb enough to get the covid vax?

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I already knew about that, they have been reading and occasionally communicating with my mind for some time now.

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The only good post is ignored

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not enough, take another two

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>Just submit to the mind probe, anon. If you've done nothing wrong, you have nothing to hide. Oh, and whatever you do, don't think about naked children/criminal fantasies/pink elephants.

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Because the fact is every thought faggots on modern /sci/ “have” all come from the internet groupmind, especially the retards that keep spamming vaccine/5g/conspiracy of the month

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