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Yesterday it was announced that the London Metal Exchange's large stockpile of nickel was most counterfeit. Bags of rocks had been substituted for most of the cache and the metal had gone missing. Of course this made people wonder about the legitimacy of other metal stockpiles owned by similar organizations.
Would it be possible to remotely verify the content of Fort Knox gravitationally, taking advantage of gold's extremely high density?

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No, but there are other methods.
The house of cards is wobbling.
Prepare locally.

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It’s almost certainly counterfeit. What are you gonna do about it?
You keep playing their own game

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>What are you gonna do about it?
What I'd like to do is gain notoriety for science by using it to remotely sense what the government is hiding. I have a pilot's license and I know how to use a torsion pendulum, but I need some help putting the package all together into an effective remote sensing system. Longwave thermal radiation is another option I've been looking at. The gold isn't warmer than it's surrounding material, but because of it's enormous density, the gold's thermal emissions should still outshine less dense material.

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