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>One ought to realize that for one Gauss or Euler, nature may bring into existence over nine thousand such scribblers who act as the worst kind of germ carriers in poisoning human souls.

Hitler was one of us, he hated midwit NPC normies and considered them to be a toxin to the rest of society. Germany would probably have an average IQ near 150 by now if Hitler have gotten his way.

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The only thing that NS Germany got wrong was Aryan physics vs. Jewish physics thing, but that wasn't really the government but rather academics trying to character assassinate each other out of egotism. It's just sort of retarded to call QM "jewish" because it abstracted physical quantities to algebraic operators lmao. Despite this, NS Germany was ahead of everyone in aeronautical engineering, which is what matters in war, and the rest would have gotten hammered out afterwards.

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Hitler was one of the nine thousand scribblers.

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He clearly wasn't, he set out to make himself master of his nation and accomplished that feat 12 years later. He then took a floundering economy and turned it into the envy of Europe in a matter of a few years.

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meme war economy that inevitably imploded

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The war was started as a means of destroying an already functioning economy. Germany was thriving as a result of Hitler's reforms while the rest of Europe was suffering the same currency debasement which has plagued the continent since the days of ancient Rome. If the interest parties had not acted to destroy the German economy then the working classes in the rest of Europe would have eventually realized how badly they were being ripped off.

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