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what causes this be honest

no raw meat enthusiasts please, this is a serious scientific discussion

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sedentary lifestyle, goyslop, environmental pollution.

next question

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CVD? Chemical vapor deposition?

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Covid Vaccine Deaths

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if it's fat would fasting work?

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yes, fasting and exercise is known to reduce fat deposits but you have to do it for months if you want to get rid of all the crap in your arteries from all the years of chowing on industrially refined goyslop

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>sedentary lifestyle, goyslop, environmental pollution.
Also medications, but that might be included under environmental pollution or goyslop.

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just industrial chemicals in general. it's pretty obvious this shit is starting to cause real problems but the people that worship zog just don't get it. they're too addicted to their stupid meaningless lifestyles to actually change their ways so everything is going to keep getting worse

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>so everything is going to keep getting worse
…for them until the perish.
and whats wrong with that? won't we be better of after zog's servants are all dead?

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Problem is the goys are polluting the water supplies with their pharma shit and microplastics. That stuff is not filtered out, unless you do it yourself via distillation.

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i don't know anon. it kinda sucks because we could have created eden and lived in harmony with nature but we instead created a hell on earth and are on track to kill each other because we're running out of food.

i kinda wish i was not an ultra genius so i didn't have to worry about this stuff. i could've just gotten myself a wife and lived a cozy life worshipping zog but alas

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would you trade the expense and effort of distillation in exchange for the elimination of the zog worshipers? i would, i already own a couple of distillation setups. my pot still i made myself, it wasn't even all that much work.

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Some woman at my job was shilling this guy. Looks like he is selling snake oil diet plans on the surface but he cites research often.

What do you guys think?

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He shills the "whole food plant based diet". Dr Michel Greger is his name. And yes, I'm kind of sloppy right now because I'm a midwit trying to see if this isn't just a scam, so sorry for that. Please give me some guidance on this smart people.

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Alright, I'll bite.

What does it take to filter microplastics out of water? If you start doing so, will your blood eventually clear? How long will it take?

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he is jewish and he looks about 70 years old even though he is only 50. the picrel of him crops out his bald head. he dyes his little remaining hair, if he let it show it's natural color he would look 80

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Ok, I don't want accelerated aging. If we're choosing between this guy's diet, carnivore, and keto, what do you choose? I'm not really sure of any other diet, but I am consolidating it to three just to not argue forever.

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just eat egg

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>What does it take to filter microplastics out of water?
Distillation is not filtration. Filters miss disolved particles or solid particles on the micro-nano-pico levels.

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Whatever gets you proper nutrition. But the real key is fasting. It’s so simple and overlooked. Some strict diets you may never need to fast but the majority of them you will need a period of cleansing

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out of most people's price range. before long goyslop will be the only thing available to eat for people who weren't born rich or jewish

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Fasting and eating eggs. Easy enough.

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