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Are u excited for all the new research like Alphafold and the venusian recovery project that are made possible now by AI?

Can you share of the big AI projects now in your field you're excited about and why?

I really want to hear some chemist guy here talking about the dudes making open source patents of expensive variants of chemical shit using GPT or something.

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lmao, you really think this technology is going to help the poor anon? it's just another example of how technology enslaves people. nothing good is going to come from ai in a capitalist system, it's simply going to be used for widening the gap between the rich and the poor.

also, drugs are stupid and another instance of how capitalism destroys the individual's will to live by creating an entire science of disease and then peddling the solution for profit.

so there is no exciting application of ai because the system is fundamentally corrupted by retardation and greed.

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that shit is open source anon.

I literally made good animu porn for free with this shit.

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