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Anyone gets this constant pressure in right side of head (temple) that feels like someone constantly touching my brain there? Its not painful but gets kinda annoyed i feel like touching it, massaging to make it go away, but its constant. Not sure why i get this, but i had this on and off for last few years, probably since i got off my SSRI meds (4 or 5 years of sertraline in smallest doses). Some 2 weeks ago i did 300mg of DXM (first time in 2 years, i rarely do drugs nowadays) and i feel it again, so i guess this is related to serotonin in some way. Anyone knows what may be wrong with me?

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inb4 anti-science anti-materialist idealist cultists insisting your head is just an image and therefore you should use the image of ointment on the image of your temple or something

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I get the same thing but I fractured my skull on the right side from a car accident 10+ years ago

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Try doing neck exercises slowly, and opening your mouth widely for a while. I'm guessing it's a facial tendon or muscle

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How many jabs?

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probably brain cancer anon, good luck

i also have brain cancer but nothing i can do about it at this point

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>frogposter pain & suffering

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5G overload
or 6G beta-testing with graphene from the injections.

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