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>matter actually has an evil twin somewhere in the universe, if matter and its evil twin come into contact with each other they'll explode into radiation and subatomic particles
>if enough matter condenses into one place the gravity breaks reality and forms an all consuming sphere
>light doesn't have mass, but it has momentum, so it can make things move when it hits it
>matter and energy are interchangeable and can be turned into each other
>the passage of time changes based on gravitational influence and rate of movement

Who writes this shit?

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i did

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You can mock pop-science crap for marvel fans all day, it doesn't make your religious anti-materialist fantasies true

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It's an entire universe traveling backwards through time. The reaction to the action of everything traveling forward though time.

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people who know more than you, obviously.
not that it's a huge achievement.

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what do you mean somewhere in the universe, i use it every day here on earth

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uh oh we got us a bad goy here who isnt trusting the science

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Shut up and pray to your street shitting gods, retard

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you use anti-matter every day?

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you just replied to lt. com. geordi la forge, show some respect ensign

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You're lying, because the real Lt. Cmdr. Geordi LaForge propelled the Enterprise by warping space with the infinite density of his eternally blue balls.

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>A surprising number of child sex abusers appear to be Trekkies. Trying to figure out what that means, however, shows how little we really know about pedophiles

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At least you tried.

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You've compiled at least 8 different anons into an image to claim they're one guy stalking you. This is, I submit, the mark of a mentally healthy and stable individual.

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