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There’s supposed to be a Bacon encryption On this tombstone. I don’t see it, do you?

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>jewish shills shilling jews

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I admit that I didn't but this information is easily found on the internet.

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>jewish glownigger
the most disgusting kind. if 109 countries were able to evict them why can't america?

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THIS POST has a cypher TOO! How Iong wiIl my OC occupy you anons? Hope it was WORTH it all!

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lol whoops 4chan fucked it up actually

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What did it say anon

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My clever plan was to use the symbols shared between the Latin and Cyrillic script to create a Bacon cypher. They would be visually identical but still distinguishable because they should be stored as separate symbols, so if someone were to check which symbols they actually are they would see that T is actually the Cyrillic Te. I had to use capitals in some places because e.g. lowercase Te looks like т, not t, but I figured that the conspicuous capitalisation would act as a lightning rod if anything.

But it appears to have gotten flattened into all Latin symbols anyway so my work was for naught.

It said "you lost the game"

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I don't want to evict our Jews, simple as. I only want to evict Satanists, trannies, pedos, and hard criminals - every race makes up those groups.

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What's a Bacon cypher, and where should I start to learn cool encryption stuff?

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Sorry apparently cryptography is Jews only and we hate those yucky Jews! No no goy don’t look at Sir Bacon (also goy). Cryptography is a JEW (read: bad) field!!
Better stick to physics… oh wait, there’s Jews there too… hmm, maybe masturbate instead? Not to porn of course, Jews are all over porn! Just stare at your wall and jerk off. Yeah, that’s the goyisch way.

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Stop assuming everyone is a /pol/tard. I happen to like Jews.

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They're not equally distributed though. If we divide the populace along political lines, for example, we find most of the former two in the Democrat camp and most of the latter two in the Republican camp.

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>What's a Bacon cypher
This one's literally on wikipedia m8

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>be american
>have encryption system
>name it bacon
Do they really?

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In the flag on right.

Now fuck off.

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