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is it possible to clone my dead dog with his dna and bring him back to life ?

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It's just gonna be a clone, but sure. Did you keep the DNA samples? Preferably flash frozen in liquid nitrogen.

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no hes rotting in a hole

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A clone is not the same individual as the thing cloned, no more than a twin is the "same person" as his twin, or a son is the "same person" as his father.
You're better off just finding another animal of the same breed and training it the same way you did your previous.

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how does the clone process work exactly?

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if it looks the same like a twin than that would trick my brain enough, i know it wont be the exact same but close is good enough

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You could probably find another animal of the same species, particularly a relative if you can find one, that looks very similar if you look around a bit.

In terms of making an entire living animal clone, the way it generally works is getting an egg cell for that species and making sure all the DNA in that egg cell is from the cloning target. Then you insert the egg in a host and let the animal develop from the egg normally.

You actually can pay to get a dog cloned. The service exists, but it's pretty damn expensive. Like, crazy expensive. Google says it's 50,000 USD. You're probably too late, also, if it's already rotting in the ground. You would need to get the cell samples within a very short time after the death or the DNA will degrade too much to use.

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Yeah, there was a startup in korea that did exactly that, but they went out of business. There might be another.

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>even on sci, the blank-slate fallacy

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unless you flash froze your dog in liquid nitrogen right after he died, no

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Sixty-Six Theses: Next Steps and the Way Forward in the Modified Cosmological Model
Authors: Jonathan W. Tooker
The purpose is to review and lay out a plan for future inquiry pertaining to the modified cosmological model (MCM) and its overarching research program. The material is modularized as a catalog of open questions that seem likely to support productive research work. The main focus is quantum theory but the material spans a breadth of physics and mathematics. Cosmology is heavily weighted and some Millennium Prize problems are included. A comprehensive introduction contains a survey of falsifiable MCM predictions and associated experimental results. Listed problems include original ideas deserving further study as well as investigations of others' work when it may be germane. A longstanding and important conceptual hurdle in the approach to MCM quantum gravity is resolved. A new elliptic curve application is presented. With several exceptions, the presentation is high-level and qualitative. Formal analyses are mostly relegated to the future work which is the topic of this book. Sufficient technical context is given that third parties might independently undertake the suggested work units.

Comments: 306 Pages.

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