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>take LSD
>see that reality is an illusion, we're all one consciousness and magic exists
What did G.O.D. (generator, operator, destroyer) mean by this?

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He meant that you're a normie and normies shouldn't use drugs.

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>G.O.D. (generator, operator, destroyer)
You meant Global Operator-Definor?

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>muh normie
>muh drugs

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Seriously, what's the point? Normies have no souls. LSD won't fix you.

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LSD will fix anyone

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I want to ask what would happen if you took LSD in the deepest darkest regions of space

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>take LSD
>fuck up your brain
>shit up /sci/
yeah bro totally dude

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You would have a far out trip

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LSD is not toxic and does not harm the brain even the slightest. Why do you regurgitate decades old failed and dishonest propaganda?

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It would probably be spooky as hell, the darkness would seem extremely overwhelming

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>take LSD
>see that reality is an illusion
>we're all one consciousness
>and magic exists

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so is meth and cocaine, antidepressants and some antipsychotics in low doses

and yet some people come out retarded after them
all you need to know to recognize that you're junkie is that you're saying with conviction that your drug of abuse is not toxic, I'd take you seriously if you said atleast its unlikely to be toxic

kek fucking junkies i swear

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Reality is not an illusion. We are separate consciousnesses. Magic exists only through human expression. You can still come back.

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LSD cannot make you a junkie, peanut brains

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>we're all one consciousness
If we are all one consciousness, why can I directly perceive existing as THIS human?


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that's what happens when you die and your brain melts

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Every drug user I have encountered latches onto pseudo science and half baked pop sci without truly understanding it. It really is one of the more subtle mental illnesses. These types of clowns were always flunking out of my college classes

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Enjoy the religiban OP. Also good for you on taking psychs, they are life changing and alter the way you see the world. For some people that is a massive blessing.

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Heres what happens to you when you're conscious and locked alone inside your head hallucinating for hours on end on acid
Normal person:
>wow, look at all them neat-o colors and shapes
Mentally ill narcissist:
and the thought that its just a mere drug induced hallucination never crosses their poorly functioning, sick, damaged brains

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I blame Western culture and its grasp on mental health among many other things more than the individuals. The individuals are after all the effect of the sickness.

But this is what happens when you strip meaning and community centeredness out of life. People will find meaning in unhealthy self destructive delusions.

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LSD is for faggots.
If you really want "death" experience try 2ct7.

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It doesn't fix normies. At best, they end up seeing some wobblies and colors or thinking they're being stalked by undercover police or something. At worst, they end up with schizobabble beliefs, but not interesting or creative ones or imaginative ones; just totally generic tripe like OP. They also get super narcissistic about it, like the unniverse has shared a unique secret with them and only them. They can't actually say anything worthwhile or insightful about it, but you're an idiot for failing to be amazed by "... uhhh it was like magic, man. God heckin' talked to me, man! God is real and we all need to be good to each other"

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I'm not OP and I'm not going to argue about magic being real or anything, but I've experienced "ego death" a couple times on LSD and once on psilocybin. I genuinely feel like I got close to answering this question, it's something I think about quite a lot although I've never seen this particular argument before.

The problem is its not really something Ive found a way to put into language easily, it's more something I feel like you have to experience, although I'm not sure everyone walks away with my interpretation. Very interesting thing to ponder regardless.

Best I can describe it, is I think I see this experience because it is one to experience. Of the multitudes of consciousnesse experiences in an infinite number of dimensions and quantum possibilities, this experience has to exist. So just the experience of my body existing is what we call consciousness.

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Case in point: >>15157090

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i'm telling you kids, LSD is a hell of a drug. it reveals to you the secrets of your own mind. the part of the mind that is excluded from conscious-experience, is now included. You'll generate visions and dreams, insights, perspectives you never knew you could. And you'll see some strange creatures, you can have out of body experiences etc.

Its pretty cool

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Well /sci/, are the machine elves real?

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He realized that it is impossible for him to know his true nature which is exactly what helped him figure out the true nature of his reality. What not exactly did you understand?

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As real as any other tulpa.

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That is sadly true. But don't hate on them to much. Wonder is still coupled massively to curiosity. It's good.

In general though youre nailed down the underlying pattern. The high ceiling of the drug is afforded by the person, not the drug itself. So what you complaining about is basically just that most guys been off or normies beforehand.

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>reality is an illusion
>so my drug-fueled delusions are totally real!
why are junkies like this? you're so close but instead of holding yourself to scrutiny you follow the dumbest path because thinking is hard
science needs less robots, why not actually apply yourself for once?

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>science needs less robots, why not actually apply yourself for once?
>muh soience need more creative thinkers to dream up new ways to waste resources and publish lies
science needs a bloodletting and a stern taskmaster

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I have never taken psychedelics but the only logical conclusion I see is that we are all one consciousness (awareness).

All matter is the same when you break it down. It's all just different patterns of the same building blocks. My body is no different than a cloud of space gas. But, we exist. We can observe the universe. Therefore we exist as separate from the universe.

But if there is no physical mechanism to explain why I exist in this bag of skin (that is constantly shedding matter and rebuilding itself with other matter), and nothing unique about the clump of matter that I consider myself, then what am I? The only answer is that consciousness is all one. It is everything. It is the universe experiencing itself.

The remaining question is why do I come to identify with a body in the material world. I think all matter is conscious. We are the only matter that is also aware of being conscious. But why? I don't know.

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This argument is flawed because it still has no explanation why conscious is a thing in the first place. You are bringing 7 billion + people to 1 subject. But that 1 subject itself is just as hard to explain. And if it can be explained, then its multiple "soul-like" individual bodies would not be far from differentiating from One.

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I agree that it is flawed. It it flawed because we don't know why we are experiencing the experience of certain matter but not other matter. Do you have any ideas?

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No. Many people fear that explaining consciousness is impossible because Being comes before every single sense and brain process possible.

So it might always be left up to god created souls, a brahman One, individual processes we dont understand that enter oblivion after 1 life. etc

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Maybe its because I am a mathematician but I lean towards a Kurt Godel-ish monotheistic God. The consciousness of Hindu singularity is just way less defined and thought through. It doesnt make any sense for such a thing to have conscious multiplicty.

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When I took lsd or mushrooms I met a female godlike hallucination being and she told me I was very loved. Yeah this was all inside my head because of drugs but I really needed to hear that at the time. It’s less of a narcissistic thing and more that the experience is profound for a lot of people.
I’ve never take’s hallucinogens and thought “wow I’m a god!” Quite the opposite.

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Popsci retard take: we are all the same creature OUTSIDE of our universe.
I like to think of it more as game characters. Imagine yourself playing EVERY character in a video game, now all those characters exist at the same time in the game, but they are being played at separate times OUTSIDE the game.
Consciousness is all one, and every memory you make is stored in a cosmic memory bank.
You are me l, and I am you, in different human bodies but we are the same source of consciousness: The player.
The goal then I believe is to grow and learn from interacting with different versions of ourself. Like a training camp ig.
If you were going to binge a game, wouldn’t you eventually have to stop for sleep? Odd that we can’t define sleep or explain it’s evolutionary significance. I believe sleep is caused by the player going offline.
Ofc there’s no way to prove any of this and I can’t explain why I believe this so strongly but I do.

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I took acid quite regularly for about two years. Like once a month or so.
I ended up having an actual psychosis that lasted for more than a month in which I ruined all my personal relationships with friends and family.
I ended up in a psychward where I had to stay for another month.
LSD sucks man...
While I was high on acid I loved it but this shit had a huge impact on my life. It's not worth it.

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Bros let’s take psychedelics and fry our brains

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never tried more than 300 at a time, how much do you recommend
i enjoy it twice a month and take 1 150 dose

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LSD is physiologically safe, it's one of the least toxic substances known to man. You're just a fucking pussy

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LSD is extremely dangerous to a normie like him. Only normies market psychedelics to the soulless normalgroid masses.

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Yes, it would break him psychologically because he thinks he has it all figured out

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It would make him believe in some shallow corporate-tier spirituality and trigger extreme narcissism, as it probably did with you. LSD should stay illegal.

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That exactly wrong. You can only know your true nature, but drugs are not going to show you anything but drugs.

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>abuse a thing
>blame thing for your bad decisions
many such cases.

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That's right, normalfriend. Stay away from drugs. They're bad for you. :^)

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God is Big Bang.

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Yeah no LSD shuts down your brain capacity to differentiate between reality and illusion, that's the only reason it feels so real and different.
It's not magic, your brain do the same thing during dreams.

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>Yeah no LSD shuts down your brain capacity to differentiate between reality and illusion, that's the only reason it feels so real and different.
>It's not magic, your brain do the same thing during dreams.
What makes nonsentients so emotionally motivated to make retarded shit up about LSD?

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It glitches the simulation but only for you.

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Why was God without an observer for so long? Doesnt make any sense

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Do DMT next

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It glitches others too, that's why they get contact high

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If you are going to just post other people's questions I'll post other people's answers. http://www.galactanet.com/oneoff/theegg_mod.html

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>entire board doesn't know about Sadhus using cannabis for the same effects
Some people are just more gifted in this aspect, and don't need the harder stuff lol.

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Yet others are even more gifted and huff fermented shit to ascend.

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I was just under the impression that LSD was fairly safe. I never did high doses and thought once a month wasn't that much.

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