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What are some good books on the topic?

Also here is a free AI chat that's just as bad as ChatGPT but free

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>What are some good books on the topic?
Principia Qualia


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Scientifically, what's the answer to Benj Hellie's vertiginous question? What are the metaphysics behind why I exist as this human and not someone else?


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fuck off already go to one of the other 3 consciousness threads

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Not a book, but Justin Riddle's quantum consciousness series is worth listening to


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This is the new schizo containment thread

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That website is a good example of bad qualia. Barely works and was randomly opening pages and shit I wasn't even clicking on

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> Consciousness Science
those 2 things are mutual exclusive, anon

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The rest of the thread is /x/-tier bullshit.

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/his/ immigrant general

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ChatGPT is no better on this question, it spews out garbage that is not exactly the same in expression but I'll be damned if an entire "Kung Pao AI" theory or "AI kung fu" doesn't tidy things up to the point where these AI chatbot guys really have to say
>"Ah, you're right, the jig is up. All of these chatbots are derived from ELIZA."

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Right, so YouChat will just outright lie, whereas ChatGPT will act like an old person who should be humored or some folksy gangster who should be evaluated as to how well they portray characters in Italian neorealist cinema instead of, you know, what we think they're supposed to do...
...like, seriously...what the fuck is AI supposed to do??
Make me an espresso?
Doubt it.

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this is the science of consciousness.
so far it looks like this is a hyperdimensional mind over matter consciousness field allowing levitation, astral projection, teleportation, multiple timelines, remote timeline viewing, telepathy, telekinesis, zero-point energy, and manifestation, which can be mechanized with ufos, antennas, and ai, and is assumed to be dominated by black projects, extraterrestrials, and non-corporal interdimensional astral entities. due to the holographic consciousness field universal computational singularity, this might be a giant computer, possibly a simulation, so it would go much further than that, with simulation-related AIs, and super-reality entities. i wouldn't want to dismiss simulation theory because we were so wrong before, but it's really not necessary to describe a lot of these things, it's just a possibility that might explain certain things. other than than, the navy has a remote reality-domination program that is godlike. it's described by the us navy special operations disclosure document from don's team that references project soul catcher and indirectly the works of dr. robert duncan.

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Oi you want to get vanned mate?

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I was on a writing advice bot maybe two months ago. It was one of many bots which were organized in a grid on the main page, so that it looked a little like a Roku display. There were several that were text adventures, and a variety of other things. I remember I had to create an account after about 15 minutes. Someone here recommended the site but I can't find any sign that I was ever there. ChatGPT can't help me find it either.

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