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Why are humans so ugly?

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In your pic? They look pretty normal. Most of them are just old.

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>posts some average looking whites
>calls them ugly

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because pretty people are actually very rare thats why they become famous

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speak for yourself

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Why do humans WANT to be ugly?

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Because you probably grew up with a lot of fiction (tv shows, movies, video games) like me.
These tend to use top of the line, first percentile beautiful actors. Your worldview is shifted and you consider average faced people ugly.

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all primates are ugly, have a look at orangutans. They lost the mammal beauty contest.

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Why are american so ugly?*

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the mutt meme isn't a meme, hundreds of disparate european ethnicities all blending together into a "white" abomination

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I don't understand

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why are people in a cherry-picked images full of old, unattractive people ugly?

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Those ones are ugly because they're old. Young and healthy white people tend to look quite good on average.

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We have autism

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I used to nor think much of it, but then I saw the killers of byrd jr - a bunch of latinxos - were apparently the whitest of supremacists and realized it really is true.

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Imagine the smell

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They live mentally and physically sedentary lives

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Fuck you, son of a bitch, pongos are the most beautiful primates on Earth.

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