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I don't think scientists should have sex, I think that distracts them from achieving scientific breakthroughs. Imagine you're trying to find a cure for cancer but you can't focus because all you're thinking of is going home and banging your wife.
Scientists should remain celibate, just like monks and scholars did in ancient times.

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what sort of dumb fucking thread is this

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you need to calm down

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you should become a scientist on account of you never going to have sex anyway

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triggered virgin soiboy

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Convergent evolution, the ancients called them wizards.

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As if the cult of soience wasn't LARPing at religion as it is. Let's just return to no sex before or outside of marriage. It got us this far.

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Look up "IQ shredder"

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ITT: triggered normies browsing the /sci/ board who couldn't do science even if they were paid to do it. go home and fuck your fat gf, and stay off this board.

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should shills and journalists have sex?

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>be in lab
>don't use the lab meat

Special kind of retard, huh ...

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For large groups of scientists, that question is entirely hypothetical.
As a PhD student you are working day and night to get that degree, and have little money.
As a postdoc you are still working day and night to get papers for tenure, and have a little more money, but still not much.
I am not saying all women are gold diggers, but I was told startight up to my face that my financial standing was quite insufficient. She thought a million a year was adequate (probably also to compensate for my not so classical features). She left. I never saw her again. A lot of my fellow postdocs never got married.

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You need to go rape your mom

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>choose a future
>choose academia

Lol lmfao! Now srsly, joke aside, why put yourself through that ... that aside, you example there was an entitled bitch. Should go for the lab meat instead. :)

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