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Any AI schizos should read picrel before blabbering on about AGI

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if i had a penny for every time AI didn't exist i'd be the world banking system

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Gwern is an AI schizo himself though.

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Gwern is smartert than 99% of /sci/

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Gwern is a based death note enjoyer, that is all that matters

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Gwern is so weird, a lot of his writing on genetics/IQ and AI is pretty based, like no one has captured the current zeitgeist on AI like he has with his writings in the last few years. But then every now and again I'll see him behaving in manner that's truly head scratching, like coomer posting about hentai AI generation on reddit.

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gwern has a disorder known as aspergers/high functioning autism, which is a developmental disability that permanently and irreversibly stunts socio-emotional growth. as a result, he is eminently UNqualified to comment on the sentience of other beings. he's also a brony. QED

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He's pretty good, but isn't he also pessimistic about p(doom), assuming that's what you mean by AI schizo?

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So now we're going to start marginalizing AI research as patent medicine/cocaine-fueled research.
It's voodoo didactics, easily exploitable by cult leaders, other nefarious actors
when these people say
>learning occurs
we have to apply a theory of teaching and learning or else say
>the use of the word "learning" is more of a colloquial reference to a family of algorithms based on statistics than a reference to real learning as it occurs in practice and theories of learning
so this is pseudolearning, something that appears to be the real thing but on closer inspection is not actually part of learning at all, rather some strange marketing campaign in statistics attempting to inject education philosophy language into their studies (most illogically, as it would frustrate communication)

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is it a peacock or turkey?

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I follow a very niche private subreddit with him. To this day I still don't understand what type of person he could be. Clearly very autistic (and high functioning), but he just seems so strange, not like any autist I've known.

It might be one of those cases where he's actually a woman.

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I'm goalpost m0000000ving
We're m0000000ving the goalpost

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