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>the current vaccines are not infection blocking, they’re not broad, and they have very short duration
vaxxies btfo. /pol/ was right again. if you continue to get boosters at this point you deserve to suffer the consequences for being a low IQ midwit NPC. strokes, clots, sudden death, myocarditis are all in your future vaxtards.


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pol is never right, and all that was previously known. is this meant to be some kind of 'gotcha'? sad.

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>all that was previously known
and yet you still got the vax?

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>breakin' newserinos!!! bill gates says old vaxx bad!!
Uh oh, look at the clock! Time for your new vaxx, my dear golems. We are working at the speed of science now. :^)

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>and all that was previously known
The vaccine narrative has undergone more mutations than a ghoul in Fallout.

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yes because it objectively lowers mortality and severeness of the infection.
cool fake image

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cool fake vaccine
cool fake virus

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Breaking news: we've known this since the very first big variant and it doesn't change anything: as an antivaxxer you're still see and will always be seen as the one who is the low IQ midwit NPC.
Even when you use high-grade sources like twitter screencaps.

There's a reason you need your online safe spaces and echo chambers to still be able to feel like you're right. Be glad your retardedness is entertaining or you'd be ignored and forgotten like you already are in the real world despite all those health issues that you lists and will definitely happen in two weeks.

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Your narrative has zero traction here. Anyone can recognize you in a heartbeat.

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low IQs such as >>15151926 are too stupid to recognize that more intelligent people can easily see through them. dumb people are dumb, they aren't insightful, they don't know that they're dumb and they don't presume that they're dumb, they probably don't even think about it all that much.

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Go vax yourself.

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did not click. did not read. do not care. kys.

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>the infection
no such thing

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post your degree

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zamn, braking news huh? more like breaking my balls

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>Even when you use high-grade sources like twitter screencaps.
You need an official source for Bill Gates quotes?

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What is in store for January scares me.

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>Another low IQ antivaxxer thread

OP I think you're looking for the redneck containment board >>>/pol/. This is >>>/sci/, a board for discussing science and technology. Not bullshit conspiracy theories that you pulled out of your ass while binging on crystal meth in the trailer park.

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Peer shaming doesn't work on 4chan. You have to go back.

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>"The current MRNA STERILIZATION obviously does nothing for the weaponized flu we released as the cover story, they only sterilize a specific range of genetic profiles (mostly white people right now, but later blacks and indians, and chinese, and then everyone who isn't a zionist nazi,) and they only work for like 6 months so we have to keep tricking the stupid goy into taking them otherwise we won't be able to genocide them all in the name of our god Satan."


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I'm really, really glad that all of you liars and cowards won't live to see your retirement years.

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Careful about the opium that is echo chambers. They tend to warp the mind

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>a board for discussing science and technology. Not bullshit conspiracy theories that you pulled out of your ass
Really? Honestly quite hard to tell

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imagine being so clueless and lacking in self awareness that you use racial epithets while complaining about /pol/

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