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How come science hasn't figured out a way to prevent modern tragedies like this yet?

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don't hire alabama nigger

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IQ testing at interview stage is a science way

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It's not really a tragedy, whatever damage the negro carcass did to the jet engine would be repairable. The airline should learn a lesson about allowing illiterate chimps on active runways.

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if you covered the turbine with a grill, would it decrease engine performance significantly?

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It's a tragedy for those on the plane who were forced to endure what was likely a several hour wait after the chimp exploded in the engine.

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>ma'am please stand back, that is a jet engine

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She probably ruined dozens if not hundreds of people's vacations. Selfish ape.

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absolutely, major performance penalty, eliminating all low IQs within it's potential reach is a jet engine feature rather than a bug

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It's the Black Belt of Alabama. You only have so much to pick from there when it comes to workers.

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What the fuck is wrong with you people.

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Not about tech.

It's about money and policy.

Freak accidents will eventually happen. Just out of sheer bad luck. No matter how low the odds, roll the dice enough and it'll probably happen.

The only real way to try to combat it is with "vision zero" type policies. And even then, death will still occur eventually.

At least as long as humans are involved at all.

The more important question than "why did this one person die in a freak accident" might be "why do so many have to die in traffic"? I mean, both are valid, don't want another freak accident the exact same. But man a lot of people do be dying to cars...

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>Freak accidents will eventually happen.
It's not a freak accident when a person repeatedly stands too close to an engine.

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A blend of racism and taking the piss.

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Despite being a science and math board, the average iq and knowedge base of 4chan as a whole is likely below 85, which is observable via translation of this thread

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Hey, I represent that you jerk!

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Freak as in "very rare"

We don't see this very often do we?

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Believing in IQ at all is also a factor.

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Example #048

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>We don't see this very often do we?
Reason being most people are not that stupid. I would consider something like getting hit by a meteor a freak accident since it's also unexpected. Getting sucked into an airplane engine is indeed rare, but it's to be expected if a person repeatedly ignores warnings not to walk in front of it.

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Example #047

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>i hate 4chan.org
>everyone on 4chan is low IQ
why are you here on a website that you hate instead of spending your time on the high IQ section of the internet?

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That's humans

I've worked in industry. The human brain gets used to things. Forgets safety.
Humans absolutely fucking suck at understanding risk.

Hence freak accidents will continue no matter how hard you try to stop them. People will find ways to get into accidents. Can still be worth an honest try though, if you value lives. Trying real hard does also make it harder for people to be stupid enough to get caught up.

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The problem is the harder you try, the more regulations you add, the more likely it becomes that people will start viewing them as a waste of time and go through the motions. Honestly, the best way to teach someone to not walk in front of an airplane engine is to show them a video of this woman being turned into soup. They do that sometimes with driving school, which many people promptly forget, so I don't really know of a good solution. We also assume it won't be us.

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We nate higgers

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>Can still be worth an honest try though, if you value lives.
What if, huh, only white lives are to be valued?

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>We *always assume it won't be us.
Corrected. And we see this all the time on the news. A house burns down, someone gets shot during a mugging, a person gets cancer, only to hear "I just never thought this would happen to me."

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Oh yeah no, regulation is almost nothing

Regulations are nice and all but they're like putting a bandaid on a massive gash...

Gotta make it physically hard to even get into the situation. But that can eat into efficiency etc etc.

Somewhat less deaths though. So got pros and cons

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When did /sci/ become /pol/lite? I thought the those subhumans were actively rejected from posting trash on here?

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They're like flies to honey

Except what they love are black people rather than honey

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