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One of the most influential math figures of the past century just died. He was known for his work in Algebraic Theories, Algebraic Categories, Topos Theory, Philosophy, Logic, Physics, Didactic, Computer Science, History, and Anthropology.
>Talking with Bill, I often feel like a fly buzzing around a cow. (It seems to me I can liken Bill to a cow, if I’m just a fly myself.) On any easy question, I’ll probably see the answer first. But his thoughts seem to move on a level where I don’t function, I can barely see down there.
—John Isbell
>It is my belief that in the next decade and in the next century the technical advances forged by category theorists will be of value to dialectical philosophy, lending precise form with disputable mathematical models to ancient philosophical distinctions such as general vs. particular, objective vs. subjective, being vs. becoming, space vs. quantity, equality vs. difference, quantitative vs. qualitative etc. In turn the explicit attention by mathematicians to such philosophical questions is necessary to achieve the goal of making mathematics (and hence other sciences) more widely learnable and useable. Of course this will require that philosophers learn mathematics and that mathematicians learn philosophy
—William Lawvere

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Who? Sorry, don't know him, just another parasite from university. Elon Musk? He's getting the truth about clotshots out there AND creating jobs.

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Is that a drawing of you category tranny? We diff geo chads couldn't care less 'bout an old fart butting the dust

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>t. can't even act normal in a thread mourning the death of someone
Some of you guys really need to go outside once in a while.

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>dialectical philosophy

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This is all very nice and armchair, but we're going blam! blam! blam! against the communists.
There are a lot of communist bullies out there, and the Americans want revenge!

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>Didactics is a theory of teaching, and in a wider sense, a theory and practical application of teaching and learning. In demarcation from "mathetics" (the science of learning), didactics refers only to the science of teaching.

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>I am devastated by the news that Bill Lawvere passed away yesterday. Truly, we have lost one of the giants of our subject. I imagine everyone on this list will have their own special memories of him; here are a few of mine.

>It was fifty years ago this month that I first corresponded with Bill, sending him the first draft of my paper `The associated sheaf functor in an elementary topos' (which he accepted for publication in JPAA). I still have the reply he sent me: re-reading it brought tears to my eyes as I remembered the very considerable trouble he had taken to help and encourage a young author who was then totally unknown to him, by giving me excellent advice on how to sharpen the presentation of the paper.

>We met a few months later, at the Aarhus Open House in May 1973; it was there that I aroused Bill's anger by presuming to give a talk about John Conway's theory of numbers and games, which Bill thought (wrongly) to be antithetical to his very strong political views. But the storm passed, and Bill remained a staunch supporter of my work (though I could always rely on him for frank criticism of any imperfections in it).

>When, in September 2004, Jiri Adamek suggested to a group of senior category-theorists that there was a need for a `steering committee' to ensure the continued smooth running of international CT conferences, there was lengthy discussion about almost every aspect of his proposal; but one thing which nobody queried was his suggestion that Bill should be invited to chair the committee. Happily, Bill accepted the invitation (on condition that I should agree to be the secretary), and he provided us with wise and thoughtful guidance until he stepped down in 2010.

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>The organizers of the 2007 CT meeting in Carvoeiro decided to make the celebration of Bill's 70th birthday a theme of the conference, and they invited me to give a laudatory talk summarizing Bill's mathematical achievements. It was an invitation I accepted with considerable trepidation, and even 24 hours before the talk was due I was unsure how I was going to do justice to all aspects of Bill's work. But in the event it went well, and Bill approved of it; he was particularly amused that I'd included a quote from Karl Marx on one of my slides (he thought, incorrectly, that I hadn't been aware of its source).

>But there's no need for me to recall anything I said in that talk; Bill himself did the job of summarizing his work much better, in an interview with the Coimbra mathematicians which is available online. Reading it again today, I'm struck once more by the extraordinary mathematical mind of a man I've been privileged to know for almost fifty years. RIP Bill; we'll all miss you.
—Peter Johnstone

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First Manin, then Lawvere. 2023 is off to a god start.

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You don't get the meme, newfaggot. /sci/ laughs at UNDERGRAD cat theorists, not well-educated cat theory profs. The reason for this is that there's near to no application for cat theory in undergrad. It only amounts to pointlessly abstracting things with which you, again, can't do shit since you're in undergrad.
Lawvere achieved much more than you ever will.

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Oh, no. Literally who died again.

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t. undergrad

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>t. a woman in the category of men

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Why don't you go outside and mourn your pedophile idol in public then, faggot? By the way this topic is neither math nor science related. You're looking for >>>/b/

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>look at me mom!! I'm being edgy online!!!

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Oh look! A moralfag! You're looking for >>>/reddit/ and >>>/lgbt/
Go be a groomer somewhere else.

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>expecting people to act like Norrington on 4chan
This always confuses me. If you want to be around normies, go literally anywhere else on the internet. The entire internet has been ruined to cater to normies. Why request that one of the very few remaining corners of the internet that hasn't been totally ruined by normies start behaving as though it has been?

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If the concept of showing a modicum of respect and not shitting up a thread mourning the death of a very influential mathematician confuses you, then, by all means, kill yourself.

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>REEEEE please anon stop shitting up my off-topic thread
If you really want to respect the pedophile, then make a thread to discuss his allegedly influential work. Instead all you're doing is crying like a little bitch about how some faggot who you have zero social connection to died. You're a parasite sobbing over the death of your parasocial idol.

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My, my, anon, who hurt you? I'm only saying you should learn to act like a normal human being. Too much to ask for?

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Why are you on 4chan?

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Well, why are you on /sci/?

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i like to go on /sci/ to virtue signal and name drop, fuck meaningful or substantive discussions related to the board topics.

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op here, i like posting about news gossip and not math or science. how about you?

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when Higgs dies, i vow to make a thread dedicated toward the Higgs mechanism and not his obit quotes. btw higgs will die within before 2025.

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You're not particularly creative or anything, not to mention, just outright wrong in several aspects. You're only throwing a temper tantrum since Lawvere was a cat theorist, conceiling this childish hated behind the pretense of this being due to OP's eulogy being... written like an eulogy.
You sure are bright, LMAO.

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nobody cares. do you want to talk about the math he's known for or not? like i said, when higgs dies, i'll honor his memory by discussing in great detail the higgs mechanism here. meanwhile you're just a virtue signalling normie.

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>nobody cares
Wrong, *you* don't care. You lack social skills as basic as to knowing what a eulogy is written like. The fact that OP has written a eulogy is perfectly apt, given the situation.
>do you want to talk about the math he's known for
Sure. That is within the scope of this thread. You tried to desperately derail the thread here >>15151793 and here >>15151799 before such discussion could've even taken place.
You are clearly not arguing in good faith, terrible social skills at play once again.

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take your meds.
>That is within the scope of this thread
no it isn't. if that was the topic of the thread, it would have been in the op.

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op here again, did mention i have AIDS yet?

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I'm going to die shitting

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academicuck'd celebrity soience faggot drops dead, best day of my life.
why can't they bury him with all his followers like they did with heroes in the old days? is OP willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for his soience celebrity worship figure?

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Rip. Who's the oldest logician/person working in foundations still alive today? Dana Scott is still kicking it apparently

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Op here
I'm trans

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I've read a few of his books, and they are all a lot of hoopla. If you aren't using a computer/teaching your students how to do experimental math with a computer, then you are failing them.

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What would you use the computer for and how is it supposed to help in learning the material of his books?

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