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If I'm getting this right, we're all one consciousness that somehow manifests itself and permeates through the universe, or rather is the universe. But is unconscious and only becomes conscious through life, which in turn leads into the subjective experience of perceiving "me" and "you" despite you and me being the same consciousness, we are experiencing life as each other subjectively rather than as one.

I would also think that due to this, the concept of "higher consciousness" and "other worlds" do not exist unless there is some weird wacky shit going on with dreams as if you could construct a "dreamworld" through collective consciousness that "higher beings" could inhabit.

What is /sci/'s take on all of this?

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Read Plato, start with Alcibiades.

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no thanks.

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Wouldn't this directly refute Plato and the higher forms? If anything, this seems more Nietzschian than anything else. Just instead of eternal recurrance, it's just a respawn.

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Fuck off back to >>>/lit/

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I'm scared of killing myself for this reason

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>unless there is some weird wacky shit going on with dreams
You can lucid dream with friends. It works better the closer of a bond you have with each other and the closer you are physically.
Plato was just one person and his ideas are not stone. The more you read the more you realize you have to be syncretic and eclectic. The more Syncretic 'you' are the more synchronous your life will be.

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This is essentially correct. The hard problem no longer exists in Idealism. We are the dream of a single mind.

Read Bernardo Kastrup.

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It's not a dream though.

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>we're all one consciousness
But then why do I feel like I exist as THIS human?


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We exist as part of a whole where there are no parts. Our existence is entirely conceptual. In reality, we are nothing.

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That's sounding a little too liberal to me anon.

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Sorry! In reality, we are people. Our existence is both tangible and ideal.

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>we're all one consciousness
>that somehow manifests itself
>and permeates through the universe
>or rather is the universe
>But is unconscious
>and only becomes conscious through life
>subjective experience of perceiving me/you
>despite you/me being the same consciousness
etc etc etc

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I accept your concession, child-raping parasite.

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Consciousness isn't universal. There are NPCs who will never experience it.

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The NPC meme is about people blindly following programming (or "authority figures"), as in video game non player characters.

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>I would also think that due to this, the concept of "higher consciousness" and "other worlds" do not exist unless there is some weird wacky shit going on with dreams
There is an extraordinarily large amount of wacky shit going on with dreams.
Its sort of weird how little humanity cares about it though. We talk for ages about a movie or tv show, but something literally everyone does every single night, hardly a peep about it at all anywhere.
I have extremely vivid dreams every night, and vary many of them involve a lot of metaphysical content such as life after death, alien worlds populated by sentient life forms, timetravel to times and places I couldn't possibly know about irl, seeing long extinct species, talking with various spiritual intelligences that are 100% 'in the know' about what is going on in that space, unlike basically all of humanity.
Not to mention that capacity to dream while awake and construct lucid holographic imagery based on light, molecular structures, hallucinatory perception of internal organs and tissues, seeing dust particles floating around in the room while eyes are closed, perception of phenomena that are remarkably similar to electrostatic and electromagnetic field effects.
Straight up traveling through wormholes into other dimensions, and having entities in those dimensions confirm that was indeed what had happened.
Then stuff like motherships populated by psychic humans exploring the galaxy.
I've traversed the past century of human history half a dozen times just in the past decade through lucid dreaming, not to mention the thousands and thousands of years before that.

I'm interested in this stuff on a phenomological level. How can the human mind do all these things, and why does no human institution seek to discover the limits and capabilities of what consciousness can intentionally do? I'm one man, and I did all this in just a single decade, imagine what thousands or millions could discover over several generations.

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Think in terms of permutations of a complex vibration of light. You are the green/red/blue pattern of consciousness, someone else occupies the red/green/blue pattern. Each permutation of the pattern capable of discrete self awareness comes into perception of itself with a different arrangement of photonic and electronic information than the others. Sometimes you take into yourself the thoughts of other patterns, and the waves of your perception are of the same or similar pattern as they are, and you see things the way they see them. But your master code encodes that perception differently than it was in them, so even from perception of the same information you will build a different matrix within which to record that information. As that perception of otherness doesn't have continuity with the way your pattern arises from the entropy of your life, you will see yourself as different in the past present and future then they are.
In some moments of deep love and compassion, your awareness of darkness becomes clear, and in that clarity the patterns of light that form the perception of other beings can become visible to you as clearly as you perceive your own body and mind.
The darkness can vibrate and emit light, and that light of your consciousness can form novel holographic thoughts, and when shared with other entities become a shared dreamspace. Telepathy is a holographic exchange of photons between bodies and souls.

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Monism, physicalist or idealist, is brainrot and the philosophy and study of consciousness has massively suffered because of it.

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That's pretty much what I think. The universe has a fundamental randomness, which is this unconscious consciousness. It behaves randomly because it's not conscious, but when it interacts with a brain, it becomes conscious and can take decisions in a more organized way. The brain basically gives this mass of consciousness ways to interact with the world. However, brains are limited in many ways, so this consciousness is local and its capacity for interaction is limited by the brain's processing power and other stuff.

ChatGPT also agrees with me.

The only thing I still don't get is why exactly I get to control this body and not another.

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>we're all one consciousness
yeah you sound exactly like my asshole

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This imagine explains it I think, idk

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>when the nerds rope hits

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No wonder you can't explain anything, so why not step aside and let the next unit of nothing give it a go if you only have nothing to offer? Is it jut because your narcissism is so all encompassing, it even tries to make nothing contingent on your existence?

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The concession that all your claims are dubious which is why you can't present any evidence other than semantics and your own hurt butt?

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Not quite
We are all the same consciousness pretendung to be indivuduals
This consciiusness does not permeate through the unicerse, ut us the universe

Imagine you are dreaming you are person a, interacting with person b
Then you dream the same dream (not a copy, but literally the same) but this time from the perspective of person b
Niw, god being god and time being an illusion, this all happen "simultaneously"

Waking up from the illusion is enlightenment, or "theosis", as it is called in orthodox christianity

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*but is the universe

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What's consciousness then champ? 1's and 0's?

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>What is consciousness

Not the anon you were talking to, but if I may jump into this thread to make one important point.
I've lost the link to the video (never saved it actually) but it was posted in another one of consciousness threads months ago.

Basically the video was a bunch of experts sat down and had a discussion about consciousness and they made an important point that I'll never forget.
When people say the word consciousness, they can be talking about any one of a dozen different things. (IIRC it was more or less than a dozen but you get the general idea I hope) This is common with language where 1 word can have many definitions.
I think it's extremely difficult to have a discussion about this topic when the people discussing don't even have the words to talk about subject at hand.

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You might enjoy this lecture

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>we exist as part of a whole where there are no parts
meaning the world is beyond our discrimination. we are part of the world, but parts are only from that part. therefore we understand ourselves to just be the world itself. it is impossible to self-discriminate without infinite regression.
>our existence is entirely conceptual
we intelligently assign our existence within ourselves. human capacity for roleplay is social intelligence for survival. the reason nothing is contingent on my existence is because i am a social failure in a sense.
>in reality, we are nothing
reality could be outside human mind. in which case, we are not any thing. our language is only through human discrimination. reality could also be entirety of experience. in which case, i am nothing, but you are something. recognition is only through social network. i am nothing because i am alone.

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>Basically the video was a bunch of experts sat down and had a discussion about consciousness and they made an important point that I'll never forget.
>When people say the word consciousness, they can be talking about any one of a dozen different things
They're all talking about the exact same thing. You probably shouldn't expose yourself to the ramblings of midwit pseuds so much.

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Respawn is much less worse than recurrence. At least respawn has new shit and could possibly find a way out of suffering. Recurrence wouldnt. But desu recurrence os just a nietzsche theoretical experiment meme to begin with

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>experiment meme
Not really. Back then the idea of a static universe was believed. It was actually very logical to deduce the concept of eternal recurrence from that.

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>It's not a dream though
Compared to the highest level of reality it actually is. Unironically study NDEs and realize that there actually is an afterlife and that we are eternal consciousnesses who roleplay in an existence currently and will go to heaven unconditionally when we die, or rather wake up/stop playing.

Here is a very persuasive argument for why NDEs are real:


It emphasizes that NDErs are representative of the population as a whole, and when people go deep into the NDE, they all become convinced. As this article points out:


>"Among those with the deepest experiences 100 percent came away agreeing with the statement, "An afterlife definitely exists"."

Since NDErs are representative of the population as a whole, and they are all convinced, then 100% of the population become convinced that there is an afterlife when they have a sufficiently deep NDE themselves. When you dream and wake up, you instantly realize that life is more real than your dreams. When you have an NDE, the same thing is happening, but on a higher level, as you immediately realize that life is the deep dream and the NDE world is the undeniably real world by comparison.

Or as one person quoted in pic related summarized their NDE:

>"As my soul left my body, I found myself floating in a swirling ocean of multi-colored light. At the end, I could see and feel an even brighter light pulling me toward it, and as it shined on me, I felt indescribable happiness. I remembered everything about eternity - knowing, that we had always existed, and that all of us are family. Then old friends and loved ones surrounded me, and I knew without a doubt I was home, and that I was so loved."

Needless to say, even ultraskeptical neuroscientists are convinced by really deep NDEs.

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>The Mind Exists as a Field Connected to the Brain
>consciousness resides in a field surrounding the brain
>has certain similarities with a black hole
>a holographic structured field
>in another dimension
>could take the shape of a torus
>quantum wave resonance

>Gateway Process
>holographic torus universe
>holographic hyperdimensional infinite consciousness
>possible encounters with intelligent, non-corporal energy forms when time-space boundaries are exceeded

>Tesla Electromagnetics
>relativity is only a statement about FIRST ORDER reality -- the reality that emerges from the vector interaction of electromagnetic energy with matter
>when we break down the vectors into scalars (shadow vectors or hypervectors), we immediately enter a vastly different, far more fundamental reality
>in this reality superluminal velocity, multiple universes, travel back and forth in time, higher dimensions, variation of all "fundamental constants" of nature, materialization and dematerialization, and violation of the "conservation of energy" are all involved
>using scalar waves and scalar interactions as much subtler, far less limited observation/detection mechanisms, we must have a new "superrelativity" to describe the expanded electromagnetic reality uncovered by Nikola Tesla

>Consciousness-Assisted Technology
>hyperdimensional mind over matter consciousness field
>allows levitation, astral projection, teleportation, multiple timelines, remote timeline viewing, telepathy, telekinesis, zero-point energy, and manifestation
>can be mechanized with ufos, antennas, and ai
>populated by brains, black projects, extraterrestrials, and non-corporal interdimensional astral entities

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This is a science board. This is inherently unscientific and cringe and also very obviously not real

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>consciousness is not real

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Consciousness is an emergent property of billions of neurons working collectively in your brain. It's not some pseudoscientific manifestation of the universe within us all. It's a piece of meat thinking.

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So at what point does the nothing become something? How many 1's and 0's do I need in order for my computer to develop depression?

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Brains don't think in binary. Invent a computer that works like a brain and collect your Nobel prize. Don't just say some bs like "we're all one consciousness, man" and declare it to be true with no evidence. Leave that shit to religion and keep it out of science.

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>still zero explanation to how consciousness and being are derived from inanimate dead shit
>unironically having a "science is science and religion is religion" belief without realizing that this is a new phenomenon and that science has always served as a tool in an attempt to understand the world more philosophically


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