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>food which is made from proteins, fats and other simple molecules gets somehow turned into an egg and then a living bird, or some other creature
>nobody can explain it

Is that amazing or what if you think about it. Somehow the creature is decoded from the genetic code, and like magic, you have a reptile, a bird, a hamster, etc. Nothing that the best scientists in the world have ever dreamed about creating can even compare.

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I'm not suprised, we still know fuck all about the human placenta despite it being the literal cradle of human life. Even the NIH (National Institute of Health) admits that. Probably one of the last real low hanging fruit in science and we still haven't figured it out.

But we can figure out the statistical nature of quantum mechanics though.

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even just being able to turn grass into milk like cows do would be bonkers. imagine mowing your lawn for sweet fresh milkies

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You just shove it into the bird-making bird machine and it makes another bird. e-z.

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God did it, simple as

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My dad works at an egg factory, we could set you up, pm me for details.

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Organics are amazing.
As an engineer, I feel like I only know the simplest form of systems (robots, vehicles, computers, etc...). And even those easily make me kneel.
I have the utmost respect for biology/genetics niggas and doctors.

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>biology/genetics niggas and doctors.
They dont know shit, retard. You talk as if doctors design living beings

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