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Is there any way to get better at Math beyond just practise?
I'm trying to embrace Math instead of despising it and genuinely trying to learn and get better at it but its like my brain throws up a road block.
Any tips or tricks?

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>my brain throws up a road block.
its trying to prevent you from becoming a schizo soience nerd loser faggot dweeb retard. that "road block" is the psychological equivalent of an immune system, it also prevents you from kys'ing, maybe you should pay heed to it. if you don't then one day maybe you'll look in the mirror and see scientist staring back at you

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Try buying and using a physical abacus. Just ten minutes a day for a fortnight should double your capabilities.

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Yes you need some reason to be doing it. Either working towards a degree or wanting to solve some particular problem or you need to learn it to do some other thing. If you don't have some goal then it's going to get boring pretty quickly and you'll forget most of it as soon as you stop for a while. Maybe you already have something you're working towards I don't know

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>its like my brain throws up a road block.
just keep it at, it gets better. best i can recommend at your level is pomodoro. doesn't have to be 15 full minutes, maybe start with 5. and maybe drop down the difficulty. work on extending the pomodoro length, but don't decrease the break time unless you get a breakthrough during your break.

you'll be amazed once you can start doing 2-3 hours of super intense focus work and the time just flies.

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