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I'm not qualified in any field of science. What will I be able to grasp?

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demon haunted world
ignore the rest

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Unironically watch the original Cosmos. It’s extremely accessible to people without any background in science. Plus it has the added benefit of being narrated by Sagan.
Demon Haunted World is good, but “ignore the rest” is idiotic advice.

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sagan was a jewish fraud, you're only poisoning your mind listening to jewish propaganda

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Cosmos is dumbed down TV for even kids to grasp watch that for entry level. its looking very dated now though and lots of the astronomical "facts" are now actually wrong.

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>Where Should I Start With Sagan?:

Don't bother with Sagan. He was not interesting or important. He was one of the early pop scientists. He's the NDT of half a century ago.

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start with Sal Khan

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Personally, I don't start with figures like Carl Sagan.
Studying from textbooks helps. However it could be boring. To combat this, I would try "History of...."
History of Math
History of Biology
History of Chemistry
Science have so many branches, look up for what interests you and just start from there.
Studying the history of a certain field of science help you understand the fundamentals of the field, like how in math, the first method of calculation, the symbols used to present the amount of something... For me these things creates solid foundation of a learner in the scientific field because you knew what information to hold on to and to let go. That's one way to be a scientist, you think logically and objectively.

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Keep in mind that Sagan was deeply connected with CIA something with their scientific division but i would not be surprised if the "educated" the masses via his programs.

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Is that quote supposed to be evil or something in some way?

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>What will I be able to grasp?
Everything. That's the point of Carl Sagan. He was a science "communicator." He didn't actually do anything notable himself. If you aren't able to "grasp" what he says, stop posting on the internet and stop burdening the world with your existence.

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