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>be in community college
>classmates are mostly 18-21 y/o
>make friends with some of them
>pirate textbooks
>offer them to share the epub files via google drive
>half don't even know how to open an epub
>other half get offended for my piracy, accused of cheating and stealing
>"hey professor steinberg, anon is illegally downloading textbooks off the web for free"
>get called for meeting with dean tomorrow
Why is the average college student so insufferable?

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College is designed to create people like them, anon. That's its purpose.

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>hey guys I infringed copyright
You dont tell this to others because some jealous idiot will take you down just because they can

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Last semester, I let my classmates know in an English 102 class if they ever need some research, they can always check the citations of any relevant Wikipedia article.

People started to complain it isn't fair because the class will become too easy (teacher was a strict grader) and others accused me of plagiarizing all my essays thereafter.

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>be in european university
>classmates are about 18 up to 50
>don't make friends because autism
>pirate textbooks
>offer them to share for 10 bucks
>half of them want to bargain
>other half of them cheer me up with a extra 5 bucks tip
>"hey professor awesomovic, anon is sharing books off the web for 10 bucks"
>get called in to and sell a pendrive with all the books professor ever wanted and get 50 bucks for it

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People aren’t your friends
If they see you make A’s after every essay then they get jealous

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based and funny good post

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Looks they were looking for an excuse to fuck you over. What the hell did you do to them anon?

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>>other half get offended for my piracy, accused of cheating and stealing
>>"hey professor steinberg, anon is illegally downloading textbooks off the web for free"
what in the fuck, like that's a thing? is it a supper uppy school for the faggot kids of the so called elites or what?

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For the love of everything that's holy , that behavior is terrible. I would be so mad , imagine trying to utterly fuck somone for something that doesn't matter at all. Karma will fuck those wannabe hall monitors up

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OP learnt a valuable lesson about academia, and about the corporate sector for that matter, which is that all your 'colleagues' are not your friends, and are in competition with you for that extra quarter-point in the GPA

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The dean won't give a shit. The head of my majors dept. and all the professors in that dept. encouraged us to pirate textbooks.

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OP said he's in community college, which is where people who are too poor or too dumb to go to a regular state university go to for the first 2 years of their post-secondary education. Community colleges are usually filled with either middle-aged rednecks or Latinos and black people who just got off rehab.

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Damn, do you live in California or something? Where I'm from, nobody was willing to pay for the textbooks, to the point where all the professors anybody liked would make the entire course curriculum available for free.

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Similar to what >>15151408 said, my community college is in one of the most liberal shitholes on the west coast. Mostly people who think they are humble because they didn't go to a regular uni

Lesson learned. I'll also stop telling people they can purchase the older edition of a textbook at 10% of the newer one.

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u know what this means right? you have to shoot your classmates

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time for V&

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They are just what they are. But you? You should now better man. Unwise decisions and movement through the socialites with normies.

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Too bad there is no karma. His shitty classmates are correct. Snitches and bitches rule this realm. There's no room for being cool and helping fuckers out. Its about kissing ass and fucking the next guy over. That's the only way to win.

Its a lesson that applies to all human interaction everywhere. Nobody is your pal in this world, not when the chips are down, not when it counts.

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>Nobody is your pal in this world, not when the chips are down, not when it counts.

family are

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Lol I bought an important book which wasn't available online and shared it with my classmates. In Econometrics, the professor literally emailed us pirated copies of STATA. Must suck being an American.

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What? I had complete opposite experience. They told me about libgen. What is your major?

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The copyright industry has spent a lot of money conning people into thinking it "protects artists and creators" rather than the publishers and the industry they typically have to sign away their rights to in order to work in.

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>professor literally emailed us pirated copies of STATA
The only STATA version I could ever find were shitty outdated mobile versions. I just decided to learn R which ended up being better than STATA. Now that I'm TAing econometrics I just tell my students to get R if they want.

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based, fuck thieves

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>be in community college
>classmate are mostly old faggots 25-50
>make friends with some of them
>pirate textbooks
>upload textbooks to our online classroom bulletin for every student to see and download
>"hey professor steinberg, anon is illegally downloading textbooks off the web for free"
>"no refunds"

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Because people are stupid especially the majority that goes in community college or places full of poor students. And they also are jealous cuz you are looking for more content to study to become a better at a subject, and yeah dumb ppl can become jealous even about u knowing sth the don't, like how to read a simple epub file

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>>15151358 (OP)
knowing sth they don't*

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so they can give him a gun?

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You have no Charisma if they betrayed you haha

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>Why is the average college student so insufferable?
Bro, what you do is say "don't go to libgen.is if you need a book, don't use sci-hub if you need a paper, it's illegal I recommend against it"

If OCD, record yourself saying. They can haul you in front of a dean, you play the recording - untouchable. Don't put it in a e-mail tho

I've done this in medicine, where the cut-throat attitude is next level. Only the most savage people are given admittance to that field. Never had an issue with this.

You want to share in the spirit of collaboration, just share your notes if the class allows. It carries more weight, too, as it shows trust and took more effort than downloading an epub

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>be me
>Amerimutt at uni
>phys/maths student
>forced to pay, thus work, for mandatory brainwashing in humanities courses
>don't need to come to class to make As
>prof calls me in
>mad I don't come to class
>point out my perfect test scores
>tells me if I don't come to class she'll fail me anyway
It isn't fair, bros.

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Ever hear the phrase "crabs in a bucket"?
I was going to say that shit like that wouldn't happen in my county, but it probably would happen in the "urban"/"neapolitan" campus full of hipster cunts. It wouldn't happen in the other campuses full of trailer trash and rednecks that would be a lot more interested in saving money however possible.

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Yep, I couldn't find the STATA torrents myself either. Had to rely on my boomer professor's version of Stata which I guess they had cracked themselves (it had their name on it). Didn't know boomers could be this powerful.
R is miles ahead, but STATA is better for exams.

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Colleagues aren't friends.
Colleagues aren't friends.
Colleagues aren't friends.

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What are you twelve? Wait until your mom dies and people you thought were cool turn into living nightmares.

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why are you still dumb enough to try to lend a hand to the filth?

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My sister is a raging liberal leftist (weve been a church going conservative family) and she would sell us out for pennies, she doesnt even like my parents lol

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Lol, people in my work group loved me for being the go-to guy to ask when they needed something pirated. I was and still am very open about it and never had issues.

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only make friends with the ones drinking alcohol like crazy. not cause of fun. they are as depressed as you about the community

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>Karma will fuck those wannabe hall monitors up

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