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>Sea levels are rising!

>We’re running out of water!

Explain this, /sci/.

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Just feel how stupid humanity is

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We can fix this by making them drink the excess water.

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They're talking about drinkable water, but if you want to gulp down seawater be my guest.

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The Great Filter is falling for depopulation scams.

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Venus atmosphere is 96% carbon dioxide and look how green it....oh

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You know when you wake up in bed and you're drenched in sweat and you need to pee really bad. It's the exact same process actually. Scientists just need to harness it. They don't harness things enough these days. Are they even taught how to harness anymore ?

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mercury's atmosphere has no co2 whatsoever and look how green it....oh

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saltwater is unsuitable for most tasks

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The demonization of carbon dioxide is just like the demonization of the poor Jews under Hitler and environmentalists are crypto-antisemites

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I'm not the one claiming anything though. Just that that cartoon is shitty because after a certain point of adding co2 the planet dies. If you don't believe the climate science people, I don't really, then their opponents are probably just as clueless and wouldn't know how much co2 we can add and if it would make things greener or not

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>Just that that cartoon is shitty because after a certain point of adding co2 the planet dies.
Actual schizophrenia.

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you got emotionally triggered by a cartoon an in your irrational, emotional state you thought up a stupid irrational argument against the evil cartoon that triggered you, you were too emotional to think though your dumb argument before posting it and now you're trying to disguise what happened with further fallacious argumentation because of reflxive emotional concern for your personal public image on an anonymous imageboard

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>emotionally triggered
if I got triggered over anything it was that the cartoon makes a shit argument. I felt it was needed that someone point out how shit it was. It appears to make the claim that the more CO2 the better, which is wrong, and I even know that as someone who thinks the global warming alarmism is BS

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If there's one thing solar power can do it's separate water from salt.

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>Are climate “scientists” just pulling our leg at this point?
They have gotten tangled up in all their lies and now get confused easily.
Climate change is a money grift hoax. Nothing more.

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>animals die
>humans die
>insects die
>all life dies
>Earth dies

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Since that anon's argument is so terrible and emotionally driven, can I lock you in a chamber with 50% carbon dioxide and 50% oxygen? You'll be fine right?

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Please do it and end my suffering.

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On the off chance this isn't a troll thread. Climate science has always been difficult to find strong footing for. Meteorology is hard enough and it's just a week down the road. There are so many factors that we cannot viably measure and do not know that it gets very messy quickly, we can't fully predict how the climate system will work unless we are sure about how most of the parts work with good certainty (which we don't), we can make predictions based on historical data and models but we don't have hard-fast equations that we can depend on like other fields do.
If you're wondering why you keep seeing bullshit, it's because of the media and now politics. I fucking hate the scientific reporting that goes on. What we're most certain of is that more CO2 in the atmosphere = higher temperatures (on average). When people say things like "Sea levels are rising", "Glaciers won't exist", or "The ocean will acidify" they are drawing conclusions based on the vague but solid postulation that CO2 in the atmosphere = higher temperatures, and the very provable fact that humans are emitting CO2 into the atmosphere (some of these implications are more viable than others). Once they get these morsels, whether they get them from some quite corner of the academic community or out of their own ass, they are free to write all sorts of bullshit news stories to grab views and clicks telling you what the science says.
That was back in the day, now we've got politics in the mix and it's all fucked to shit.

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This is the opposite of true. Climate is incredibly easy. Weather is dominated by the 4 basic air masses, cold and wet which develop over oceans near the arctic, warm and wet which develop over oceans near the tropics, cold and dry which develop over continents near the arctic and warm and dry which develop over continents near the tropics. When these air masses hit each other we get weather. That's all weather is. The difficulty in predicting weather is knowing how these air masses are moving over a distance, how they're affected by mountain ranges, islands and other such obstacles and the position and strength of the jet stream.

Climate is even easier because it only changes over long periods of time. You have changes in total solar radiance which is measured by satellites like SOHO
Which has shown almost no change over our lifetimes.
The position of the continents which alter major currents and doesn't change for millions of years; for example the creation of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current which began when Australia broke off from Antarctica and caused the continent to freeze
The Millankovitch Cycles which alter Earth's climate over periods of tens of thousands of years, is easily measured and well understood
and greenhouse gases like CO2 which has been studied and repeatedly tested with over a century of data.

The fact you knew none of this shit is proof you've never taken any Earth science classes beyond the basics, if any at all.

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>funnel feed gallons of water to a guy until he drowns
>what's wrong bro don't humans like drinking water?

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>drink 3 glasses of water instead of 2

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>Wind power made the trans atlantic slave trade possible
As did jews, but you don't see them touting about it

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>all IPCC scientists agree on AGW
>Actually I object
>all IPCC scientists agree on AGW

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>0.04% is going to become 96% in 500 years
How fucking stupid are you?

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Meds. Now.

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>University College London guys don't want to host and be associated with fringe conferences
>m-muh banned conference

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Cute. Just to warn you, I am literally an environmental scientist with a degree in Earth science. You guys are arguing from a position of ignorance against a professional.


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So what's your opinion on all the geoengineering and mass spreading of particulate matter in the skies?

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>No you can't have academic freedom to discuss ideas
>shut it down shut it down

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>academic freedom to discuss ideas
Conference attendants are free to discuss and publish their research in scientific journals. What a university isn't obligated to do is give credence to a fringe conference.

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The scientists interviewed in that video state that their papers were refused even for review

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Just because they were against AGW? More likely because of gross errors.

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>>15113351 (me)
Irony aside, I would genuinely like to see a solid scientific paper that was rejected *just because* it was AGW-sceptical.

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>Just because they were against AGW? More likely because of gross errors.
He said he'd had plenty of papers published in the same journals in the past, you would need to read his work to determine the truth of the matter.

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You are a professional, yes. A professional schizo. Take your meds.

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Continual alarmism regarding something out of control of the individual is a great way to control the behavior of the masses

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>He said he'd had plenty of papers published in the same journals in the past
I assume you mean Peter "radiative transfer theory and 150 years of climate research are wrong, listen to my pet theories while I'm way out of my area of expertise" Ward?

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Why was Al Gore's film "An inconvenient Truth" so heavily promoted and distributed when it contains blatant lies and misrepresentations?

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So the geoengineering by atmospheric spreading could one of you climate guys express your oppinion of it?
Are you concerned by the pollution it potentially causes?

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>>Sea levels are rising!

RIP Nils Axel-Morner

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>>15111387 (OP)
>>Sea levels are rising!
RIP Nils Axel-Morner

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>>Sea levels are rising!
RIP Nils Axel-Morner

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venus atmosphere is also -41°C you fucking octuple retard

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Who is this artist?