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and still we ask

Where are all the Aliens !?

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This thread again

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Crossing the Rio Grande.

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Hi im alien (u may know us as the ayys or the eyes as in the illuminati eye) ask me anyfing (as in finger that we love to point so much)

Also we helped the big landers create the infectisocus breathe and spreaded it for the last 3 years

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Nigga Theres More Galaxies In The World Than There's Molecules In The Universe; They're Just Far Away.

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>Theres More Galaxies In The World Than There's Molecules In The Universe

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There are more galaxies in my mouth than there were pixels used to create your reply

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no just you

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Humans havent even gone to space and some idiots think its still possible baka

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There are no aliens but there are alternate forms of divergent evolved creatures from parallel earths who have the tech to travel the vast rivers.

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We haven't developed FTL yet, so they can't violate the prime directive