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Where are all the Aliens !?

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Uhhh what do you think those flying propane tanks are? They like to study our nuclear facilities and our nuclear ships.

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great filtered

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They are waiting for us to become an interplanetary species

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Nigga There's More Galaxies Out There Than There's Atoms In The Universe; They're Just Far Away.

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We are the aliens, anon

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They were in the last thread you created and said if you make one more of these same threads then they're never coming back

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>more galaxies exist than there are atoms in the universe

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Ross 128b

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Aliens come from the Astral Plane, or pass through the Astral Plane.

We've got the Gateway Process, which proposes the exotic laws of physics described by Dr. Steven Greer, known in 1983.


We've got the testimony of Dr. Steven Greer, who describes zero-point energy, gateway mind over matter physics, the astral plane consciousness field hyperspace, manifestation, and other transdimensional technology.


We have the same technology. Here are some testimonies.

>Odom's War by Anonymous
>Odom Manifesto
>Don's Navy SEALs Release

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I'm 100 percent sure there is life somewhere out there. It's a really really big universe. Problem is I just don't think we are ever going to meet them. Which might be good or ad depending on your views.

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on this youtube channel

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The aliens arrived thousands of years ago and we know them as the Mesopotamian and Greek gods. Yes, Zeus was an alien astronaut or possibly an advanced AI probe.

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zeus would possess people, synthetic telepathy

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they are here, they visited me once too
i think they did it cus i got a premonition gift

they got a ship orbiting in our atmosphere

pic" on the left is a picture of their ship they allowed my bro to take

on the right there's atmosphere scans made by some astronomers in kiev governed by nasa

aliens probably want me to help humans or something but i wont do it unless they visit me again and talk

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>Where are all the Aliens !?
We have answered this many times before.
We are the first TECHNOLOGICAL civilization.
We know this because we can see stars.
No technological civilization would waste all that free energy.

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Smartest 4chan user.

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Stuck in their own stellar system unable to explore far enough to meet another civilisation. Like us.
Pretty sure there are a lot of inhabited worlds but unless life began on two relatively close planets, no civilisation will ever encounter another.

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We are the Aliens, anon.

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About 500 million light years away.

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Managing this zoo.

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they transcended the physical plane and visit our nuclear test facilities and Zimbabwean school children with prop spacecraft and fake dummy gray ayy lmao bodies to fuck with us and or alter the course of our evolution
the game was rigged from the start

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this seems irrationally pessimistic to me
sub light travel via nuclear propulsion could make even humans with currently existing technology a multi-stellar species

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>Nigga There's More Galaxies Out There Than There's Atoms In The Universe; They're Just Far Away.

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We've already been conjugated, subjugated, and interbred with them. Their hivemind drones have already infested our society in the form of NPCs

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Say that again but slowly

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Nigga, there's more molecules out there than there is atoms in the universe. They is just damn small.

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>Where are all the Aliens !?
In Uranus.

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There are more galaxies than atoms in this universe.

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they were too advanced, they discovered everything in the universe, they figured out how stupid existence is, and commited species level mass sucide.

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Thank you for the information, brother

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i am very sure you are a black guy.

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nobody ever mentions how all those ufo spooks are mormons - which is obviously a cult like scientology. imagine if like 15 scientologists suddenly came out after years of working inside the US government and military and claimed that aliens exist. you'd be like, pshhh yeah sure buddy, just cos you believe in that dumb xenu shit doesn't mean its true.



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You're painfully small minded.

Why would an ultra advanced civilization build megastructures to consume stars, when they can simply create their own stars?

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Wrong conclusion
It is not possible to build Dyson spheres or become a space faring civ like what you're imagining. That's why we don't see space empires. It's not because we're first.