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Where are all the Aliens !?

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They are on earth. Think about it, what does the word alien mean? Beings of origin outside Earth.
Well to those beings, we are the aliens. Why? Because aliens are beings of origin outside your homeplanet.

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>"Where are all the humans?!" said the ant from atop its anthill, not realizing what exactly the colossal hairless monkeys that on rare occassions traversed its field even were.

That's you. You're the ant.

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Among us. You can only tell them apart from most humans when you cut them open.

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Who knows, for all you know, you could be an avatar of an alien child that wanted to 'experience the life of a lower being.' A mere game. The Sims but a slightly bigger scale with slightly better AI.

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Watching us struggle against retarded memes.

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Gray aliens are metaphor for humanity acting like insect.

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They were going to come here but then they saw you creating this same thread every day and thought humans are insane and now they're not coming anymore

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another planet, the astral plane

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Due to the rarity of planets capable of supporting intelligent life the ayys are likely tens of thousands of light years away. That means they might as well not exist because we will never meet them.

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the current vibration of sentient life in the nearest solar system is thousands if not millions of light years away.
we wont know they exist for several millenia at least.

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Dark Forest solution, you don't want to find them because that probably means they found you.

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trappist, ross 128

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CIA will knock on your door soon.

But in all reality.
>Be light
>Traverse through space and time
>Earth is not even visible to good chunk of the galaxy
>At best AI sees dinos right now on our planet

I hope you get the rough concept, we were not even spotted yet, due to the fact that our civilization is relatively young. Imagine being a space faring civilization, would you be interested in some dinos when you can visit any other advanced civilization? Just a thought about priorities. But fuck knows.

>Be Ay
>Fly through space
>Zoom in
>Dinos and a regular green planet
>"Well that's interesting"
>Zoom in close by
>"Holy shit a civilization that has mastered interstellar?"
>"Honey I think we got a contact"
>Meanwhile dinos are getting out wiped out by the meteor

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those are red dwarfs so no ayys probably

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Just moves the biosphere lower in the planet's topsoil.

Big radiation = big energy dispersion

Life can live lower, if energy can permeate lower.

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I’m right here anon. What’s up? How are you?

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>That's you. You're the ant.
What the fuck are you talking about?
I know that you are just parroting what you read on reddit, but it should be obvious to the average village idiot that your comparison is totally off - just try to think about it for a moment

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He's in your room, waiting for you to fall asleep so that he can play with your asshole