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Where are all the Aliens !?

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We are the ayys. Like the Engineers in Prometheus, we will eventually seed the galaxy with life.

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Hella far away

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Certainly not hanging out in this shithole dimension. Take some DMT if you want to meet them.

They've rejected this reality and have substituted their own.

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based and the real ayys were the friends we made (literally) along the way pilled

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In my skin pouches bout to release them in your mom

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I don't believe interstellar travel is possible so we'll only get probes controlled by AI that got corrupted by radiation and behave erratically.

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Crossing the Rio Grande.

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astral plane

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zeta reticuli

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Don't, DMT will never help you see anything, in best case scenario psych ward if you get some tainted shit or the EMS people looking at you scared. Don't me a mongrel.

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Interstellar travel is definitely possible, in terms of the physics and everything. It might take decades to reach your destination, which might deter humans from ever doing it, but we have no idea how the lifespans of aliens would compare to ours, or if they would even be mortal, or if they would perceive time differently from us
>AI that got corrupted by radiation
Advanced enough AI for space probes would have some redundancy and be able to detect if it has been damaged and repair itself

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At your border nigga

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you kinda dont get what space travel is and how difficult do ya

imagine traveling to a 20-light-years distant object

when you done thinking call me I will tell you about my first contact with an alien

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Interstellar exploration will definitely be accomplished with AI space probes. Alpha Centauri is only about 45 years away at 0.1 light speed which is easily attainable with advanced propulsion techniques. Even the Voyager probes designed and built in the 1970s are still going strong so it should be easy with today's technology to construct probes that can operate over the 45+ years needed for the mission.

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if you utilize the copernican principle, there are untold trillions of aliems. only problem is getting anywhere, even in our own galaxy, is a strenuous process. even communication takes at minimum decades.

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There might be aliens on Venus but they will likely have sulfuric acid for blood

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TL;DW: The Drake equation assumes a normal distribution of population. It's a statistical oversight that went unnoticed for way too long. There are no aliens / We are the aliens.

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>The drake equation
You mean the equation which was derived from nothing and the variable values were made up in Drake's head? If you take that equation seriously you are mentally retarded and should gtfo /sci/. Just lmao.

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this argument is retarded but the comic is funny