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Centennial reminder that proving picrel was a filter in Euclid's time

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What are you trying to prove?

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Proving what? That if α and β are equivalent then so are γ and δ?? Because that follows clearly.

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You seriously haven't seen this before yet? It's like the first think you prove in gradeschool geometry. Did you grow up outside the West?

From Euclid's postulates only, prove that α = β and γ and δ. Some contructions are needed, but it's easy af.

And yet the “Bridge of Asses” filtered most would-be Geometers in Ancient Greece.

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Forgot to add it's an isosceles triangle on top. Easy as fuck.

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>From Euclid's postulates only, prove that α = β and γ and δ
You need extra assumptions to prove a=b. The picture, as drawn, is insufficient to prove what you want.
>hurr durr I'm op and I don't know how to ask a question
>I insult other people for asking for clarification

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>I insult other people for asking for clarification
Based. I feel like Euclid already.

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Is this proof too long? I mean, he gave us nothing

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Nope, this is fine. Congratulations Anon.

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Oh you want a proof of the bridge of asses. This should suffice.

Thank you!

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