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Any anons been on haloperidol? It has really affected my cognition, I can’t think complicated thoughts anymore, I can’t use logic, my mind is mostly blank, I can’t use my internal monologue anymore to come to conclusions about things, the monologue is gone. Also my emotions are pretty much gone. Has anyone here recovered from haloperidol? Does thinking return? I’m hoping lions mane will help a bit. I feel lobotomised bros this is not good

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i honestly have no idea what haloperidol is. i personally don't. however, what you've said about it changing you is unusual. never change.

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Ive tried a bunch of meds, they all wear off.
>Does thinking return? I’m hoping lions mane will help a bit.
Are you sure the medication isn't making your realize that you were never able to think in the first place?

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