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Does neetdom and lonliness damages the brain

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Blood doesn't flow like that. If you think that's real blood you're a retard.

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Wow you're stupid. It's clearly rain water with a bit of blood mixed in, so yes it could flow like that.

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social isolation damages the brain, yes. but if you're "young enough" to understand 4chan then it's probably not too late. plenty of notable people (particularly 19th century writers like Flaubert) spent the entirety of their 20s in isolation and then became normies in their 30s/40s

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Being alone isn't damaging, loneliness is a feeling. It's ok to feel bad, sad, lonely, angry, hateful...
Making a fleeting state of mind your identity IS ridiculous and unhealthy.

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Doesn't lack of social interaction shrink the brain?
I'v been neet for years and i can notice that i'm having problems finding my words and remembering names as its something i'm not used to do

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