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>free will contradicts the laws of science
Which one does it contradict? Determinism is not a law of science.

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Determinism’s status: irreparably WREKT

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what is determinism? never really heard of it before. yea. so, we do have genes and genetic predispositions. this is just a fact. a whole lot of things aren't up to free will.

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>free will contradicts the laws of science
Who says that? I know some scientists believe it but it's not that common. And while most people don't believe it it could end up being true, apparently it's pretty much impossible to test though. Really I think it's highly unlikely, like why would someone create a universe when they already know the outcome of everything. I guess if there's some kind of being that created the universe then maybe our universe is just something they're running like a science experiment. It kind of feels like when trying to remove hidden variables by introducing superdeterminism, it's actually just creating another hidden variable. Because if a particle knows what it's entangled partner is going to do then it must have some kind of stored state beyond the typical state otherwise how would it know what to do

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It's the possibility that every particles position and momentum etc is predetermined at the start of the universe. So if you started with the same initial conditions you'd end up with exactly the same universe, down to every single particle in the same place at the same time. Meaning everything we do in our lives is already determined including thoughts and everything.

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That free will doesn't exist becomes obvious when you realize that OP can't stop himself from sucking cocks

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>>free will contradicts the laws of science
This is a straw man. The problem is free will is just categorically not science because it is not a testable hypothesis. It's metaphysical either way. This is why Bells work is flawed and those who believe Bell will insist free will is true a priori. They know they can't prove it and for dumb shit like quantum teleportation to be true free will must exist.

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