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>comp sci major with middling GPA (3.46 currently but soon to be lower after current semester ends).
>get a few decent offers from employers I could reasonably expect based on my performance
>have also received a decent amount of messages from incredible companies like JP Morgan and Microsoft
>Whenever I check the messages, I see they are from the heads of the “diversity recruiting teams”
How do I cope with this? My pride makes me feel sick to even consider these opportunities, but my mom tells me that I’d be a fool to not even try to interview for these places. Getting this attention that I absolutely don’t deserve makes me feel like all of work is undermined. Like no matter what I accomplish, I’ll always be held to a lower standard and it makes me seethe.

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Whoops. Wrong board.

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Diversity hires don't get any real responsability anyway. They are hired to exist in the company as a stastistic so that Blackrock gives them better rates for investments and loans. This is all the videos you see on twitter of "tech" employees eating hipster food all day and hanging out while never doing any real work par one "meeting".

You should not feel bad for taking the position since someone else on the-current-thing priviledge list will just take the position anyway. Just hop on the gravy train. At the end of the day you're not taking money away from real talent, it's all from some smuck's pension fun. Might as well ride that gravy train while you can.

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Yeah. My sister had a near 4.0 gpa throughout college at a pretty prestigious university. And while she does do serious work occasionally, so much of her time is spent on “blacks at Apple” meetings and completely meaningless bullshit. Of course, she consents to it, less work for her.

Does it really not matter what you do? Will they always treat you like a token regardless of how much you try?

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No, once you are in the diversity hire category you are never taken seriously again.

The way to beat this is to start your own company, write some new technology that others actually want etc.

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