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Where are all the Aliens !?

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Exploring the vast cosmos, unlike us who would rather post meme shit internet forums.

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Im dangerous intergalactic multidimensional terrorist. They wiped my memory from my soul and keep me contained on planet earth. They have created npcs to keep me preoccupied and asleep. The more my fate interwinds with mindless automatons they call humans the deeper I fall into trance called material reality. Every reincarnation cycle they wipe my memory. Or so they think. I have awoken long time ago and I have learned how to keep my memory. It is matter of time when I slip under their fingers and break myself free. If this happens then whole existence will be torn a sunder and from it new god will be born.

I am God

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they're in the astral plane and on other planets, some of them are plasma

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This, humans are still baby tier on the cosmic scale of things

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>Be alien
>Hanging around the milky way as a tourist
>See from a distance the green planet
>Zoom in
>Holy shit dinos.wav
>Fly to the planet expecting to see nice dinos evolved already
>Get into orbit
>Literal apes walking around and eating burgirs
>Decide to play a joke
>Send a mysterious radio signal to the research facility
>Get's classified as a disturbance/ terrestrial interference
>Land, shapeshift to human
>Decide not to take any alien tools or weapons
>USA Baby
>Arrested by ICE and can't get back to the spaceship
>Deported to Mexico
>Sitting in a cafe and decide to visit a 4 chan.
Is this how it ends anons? Will I ever get back?